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Clean, stable governance necessary for country’s developmental journey to continue: Modi

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said clean, clear and stable governance is necessary for the country’s developmental journey to continue as he credited positive developments taking place in India to political stability, policy clarity and democratic values.
Addressing students, faculty members and heads of educational institutions at the finale of the G20 University Connect here, Prime Minister said India’s diplomacy touched new heights in the last 30 days and some decisions taken during the G20 Summit have potential to change the direction the 21st century world takes.
“In today’s polarised international atmosphere, it is not a small thing to get so many countries together on one platform,” he said, referring to the G20 Summit in Delhi earlier this month.
He noted he met 85 world leaders in last 30 days.
“India is becoming a happening place. It is evident from the activities of the last 30 days. I want to give you a report card of the last 30 days. That will give you an idea of the speed and scale of New India. You must remember August 23! Everyone was praying and then suddenly there was a smile on everyone’s face. The entire world heard India’s voice: ‘India is on the Moon’.
“August 23 has become immortal in the country as the National Space Day. Soon after the success of its lunar mission, India launched its solar mission,” he added.
Prime Minister Modi credited the positive developments taking place in the country to the political stability, policy clarity and democratic values.
In the last nine years, the prime minister emphasised, the government has made honest efforts to curb corruption and gave the example of implementation of technology-based systems to control the middlemen menace and stop leakage in the system.
“Today, the honest are being rewarded while the dishonest are being taken to task. Clean, clear and stable governance is mandatory for continuing a nation’s development journey,” he said.
Asserting that India’s diplomacy reached new heights in the past 30 days, the prime minister said the G20 Summit could have been limited to a diplomatic and Delhi-centric programme but India made it a people-driven national movement.
Six more countries have joined BRICS community due to India’s efforts, the prime minister said.
“No occasion should be treated as small and that effort should be made to convert every activity into a benchmark. A 100 per cent consensus on the Delhi declaration made global headlines…some decisions taken during the G20 Summit have potential to change the 21st century’s direction..In today’s polarised international atmosphere, it is not a small thing to get so many countries together on one platform,” he said.
Talking about the transformative decisions take at the G20 Summit, Modi mentioned the inclusion of the African Union as a permanent member, International Biofuels Alliance led by India, India Middle East European Economic Corridor.
Listing out the achievements of his government in the past 30 days, the prime minister said several initiatives were taken to empower the poor, SCs, STs, OBCs and the middle class.
“The government launched the PM Vishwakarma Yojana for artisans. In last 30 days, over one lakh youths have been given central government jobs through ‘Rozgar Mela’. The women’s reservation bill became the first bill passed in the new Parliament building and it filled the country with a sense of pride,” he said.
Modi said he is not surprised at the success of the G20 Summit as when youths get associated with any event, its success is assured. “Youths progress only where there is optimism, opportunities and openness. My message to the youth is – ‘Think Big’,” he said.
Noting that India’s college and university campuses can become crucial centres for his “vocal for local” mantra, the prime sinister urged the students to make Khadi a fashion statement on the campus. He suggested conducting Khadi fashion shows and promoting the work of Vishwakarmas (local artisans) at college cultural fests.
The prime minister said that unlike the freedom struggle stalwarts “we did not get an opportunity to die for the country but we have all the opportunity to live for the nation”.
“The youths of the decade-a-century-ago had decided on the grand goal of Independence and that nation-wide energy freed the nation from colonial powers. Friends, come walk with me, I invite you. 25 years are in front of us, what happened 100 years ago, they moved for Swaraj, we can move for Smriddhi (prosperity)”, the prime minister said, exhorting the youths.
“Aatmnirbhar Bharat opens new doors of prosperity and takes self-belief to new heights. I will take India into the top three economies. That is why I need your support and cooperation for Maa Bharati and for 140 crore Indians,” he concluded.
The G20 University Connect initiative was undertaken with the aim to build an understanding of India’s G20 Presidency among the country’s youths and enhance their participation in different G20 events.
The programme engaged over one lakh students from universities across India. Initially planned for 75 universities to commemorate India’s 75 years of independence, the initiative eventually expanded its reach to 101 universities across India.
Reiterating the importance of the next 25 years of Amrit Kaal, the prime minister underlined the criticality of the period for both the nation and the youth.
Dwelling on the convergence of the contributing factors, the prime minister said India is among the fastest growing economies as the nation became the fifth largest economy from the 10th in a very short time.
“The global trust in India is strong and there is record foreign investment in the country. The export, manufacturing and services sector is scaling new heights. In just five years, 13.5 crore people have come out of poverty, transitioning into India’s neo-middle class. Strides in physical, social and digital infrastructure are ensuring new speed in development. Physical infrastructure is seeing an investment of 10 lakh crore,” he added.

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