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Striking an aggressive posture China once again outlines its expansion agenda of naval role in South China Sea by building two lighthouses in the disputed  island which could fuel tension further in the region  and a major challenge for Indian Navy besides Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia  and Brunei. It is more worrying for India with its oil infra in Vietnam’s exclusive   economic zone in the area which has already been challenged by China. India, with its maritime boundaries  extending up to  southern tip  of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, oil exploration in Vietnam in the east and Bombay High in the west, would have to revisit  its maritime strategy viz-a-viz China’s naval expansion. Much was expected from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s  recent China visit. Besides the economic  ties it was also expected to lower the temperature on security related issue. China’s growing relations with Pakistan too would be a concern for India especially in defence sector. The growing Pakistan armed forces strength can tilt the balance in case  of  a limited  action or war with India with such tie-ups. China’s growing presence in the changed geo-political  situation  no doubt  will impact  the  balance of power but can stymie India’s presence  in world bodies which cannot  be taken  as a favourable  situation  from any  power bargain. So  India  will have  to match  up to Chinese expansion and spread as neutralizing factor  and not  as a challenge  or threat  to China. Such a  move  also  would  help in keeping  Pakistan under check and control its misadventure against India. Indian diplomacy should  come out of its  shells and changes its postures to a protective  one  so that message goes clear  across the continent any misadventure would be dealt strongly and harshly to maintain the integrity  and sovereignty of the Indian  nation.

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