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Children’s massacre, role of militancy in Pak

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Millitancy  in its all forms and kinds proved as effective at Pak land many- a-times since the former PM Benazir Butto who was stormed in a bomb attack on its homeland some time ago it was termed by the Pakistan Government murder as conspiracy a drama of some insidious personalities. Since then it had been termed up clearly that the militant outfits nourishing among a country is an action of double jeopardy like Do Dhari Sword  which can retaliate back at any moment on its Gaurdians without any kind of warning about its policy of attacking, as we have seen in Pak in case of army school massacre recently with which future of Pakistan had been gloomed vehemently, owing to which its government along with the slogans of good governance had been relegated to denigrated rank in the history.
The scene at Peshawar Army School is very critical in view that native reporters had termed it a heart trembling phenomenon where the remains of the dead pupils like their school bags, shoes, paper rags, blood stains at the walls of the auditorium is quiet a dangerous outlook that its plight compels one to remember the dwarf faces of the victimised pupils again and again. The turning up this education temple into a graveyard is a despaired event at Pakistan territory, which had been blamed many- a- times by the world countries comprising India mainly.
Though Pakistan had denied the charges pertaining to wanted millitants like Abhu Salem, Lakhavi, Hafiz Sayyed etc but perhaps it had over looked its side effects which are emerging in the Pakistan history since before the Benazir era who was a lover of democracy in its true sense who had reposed the urge of democracy at the fore front with Indian democracy without any hesitation, which was not agreed to her rivals at any cost , owing to which they had conspired to storm her during a bomb attack aftermath the position of Pakistan democracy had been shaken in its all kinds and remained only in the paper or in other words we can say that the nominal democracy which is enshrined under the shadow of militant outfits comprising  Harkat-Ul- Mujahedin, Lakshre-e- Taiba, Al- Quida, etc.
More than 100 students had been stormed up in a minute while scene there inside the hall and caused 120 injured in a serious condition, in a moment when a lady teacher begged them for having kindness on the student kids they also stormed her on the spot without any kind of favour. Whole of this tells us that this menace is just like the old persons talk about the Witchcrafts and magicians who had enchanted the evil powers with them in the shape of demons and giants which they called up on recitation of the Mantaras that they revived during their penance.
Same is happening in case of Pakistan which had enshrined it in so many kinds at indigenous land in order to cause loss to neighbouring countries like India (mainly) retaliatory opposing it at the fore front of USA, UK, China, and other Islamic countries, owing to which the refuge of militants inside the Pakistan are giving up such results within the indigenous land. In- addition the burning incident of the class teacher inside the hall had turned this educational institution a graveyard where educational approach cannot harbinger at later stage in the Pakistani history which is a clear cut mocking with the future of number of the students inside the country as well as world, for which the school administration along with the students of the world  had paid tributes to the victimised souls with prayers that victimised souls may garner in the heaven and also prayed for no repetition of like incident in the history of a country,  this is a head shook incident which had reminded Pakistan about its side effects for which it had been already criticised and toed by India in case of attack on Parliament, Mumbai Taj Hotel (26/11), Arnia attack, number of attacks in the Kashmir Valley, etc.
Though Pakistan Government led by Nawaz sharief  making tall claims of militant arbitration in its territory and no-doubt it had stormed more than 50 millitants and improvement initiated in the hanging of militants. Consistently PM Nawaz Sharief had also shown resentment on the bail agreement by the Pakistan Court over which he had termed up among the media that this is deep concern for Pakistan Government for which his government will definitely take some remedial measures so that the security of the country may not face any endanger at later stage.
Despite of the clear cut warning by the Hafiz Sayyed to the Indian Government as well as PM Modi is also a serious concern for the Pakistan territory over which he is circulating his millitant groups which may attack in the shape of retaliation. But the advice of PM Narender Modi to assist in case of militant root out policy is a provocative message to whole   world that the incidence of such millitant attacks may not repeat in Pakistan also and all kind of helping hand should be offered to the neighbouring country without any condition.
Therefore Pakistan must co-operate with the international arena\ forum pertaining to issue of terrorism.

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