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Chidambaram’s call for autonomy, irresponsible

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Dear Editor,
It shocking that at a time when Kashmiri separatists, supported by the Pakistani Government and the Inter-Services Intelligence, not only diplomatically but also financially, are frantically trying to keep the political pot boiling, regardless of the cost to human lives, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram has jumped into the fray and made an irresponsible and mindless proposals that Kashmir be granted greater autonomy.
Jammu and Kashmir’s accession to India in 1947, following Pakistan-instigated tribal invasion, was not the outcome of any “grand bargain”, as claimed by Chidambaram. It is common knowledge that Jammu and Kashmir, unlike other Union States, already enjoys greater autonomy; it has its own Constitution. In several ways, it is more privileged. For example, education is free till college degrees. Is it Chidambaram’s case that Kashmir’s separatist leadership that is currently calling the shots in favour of Azadi, will give up their struggle in response to his greater autonomy rhetoric?
M Ratan

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