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Dear Editor,
It has become a fashion for certain people to project deities held in reverence by Hindus, in offensive portrayals and caricatures. Earlier, MF Husain misused his artistic skills to paint Hindu goddesses offensively. The Hindus by nature are tolerant, but this should not be construed as a licence to others to offend their sensibilities with impunity.
Protagonists who condemn the outfits protesting against the offensive portrayal of Lord Shiva in the feature film, PK, and hold a brief for actor Aamir Khan, should recall how an innocent caricature of the Prophet by a Danish cartoonist created a furore among Muslims across the world. Some people even announced a Fatwa and sought the cartoonist’s head. The Censor Board should have taken care while clearing the film for public exhibition. Protest against blasphemy is not the sole prerogative of a particular religion; it is for people of all religions to voice their  disapproval. Artistic limits must not be crossed.
Shalini Thakur

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