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Dear Editor,
Change is the law of nature and this principle applies to our every aspect of life. Sometimes change occurs from bad to good like French revoloution and sometimes it accrues from good to bad. On 25th November 2014 the masses of Kishtwar including me are going to use their important weapon i.e casting vote to choose a representative, who can come good upto our expectations and a leader who can lead from front like captain of a cricket team; a leader in true sense;who can be the ray of hope for us.
But the question is; are we ready to choose the best are we ready to make a necessary audit of our present experience. If we are ready then we should ignore all other factors and have to focus only one factor i.e performance.
We choose to get our due share of rights like employment, safe drinking water, clean air to breathe, good connectivity and condition of our roads, proper drainage system and various other things which are the responsibility of our elected representative to fulfil.
We need to look whether we have got these benefits or not; if yes status quo is a fact of matter; if not then bringing change becomes our duty; which we should do just as we enjoy our democratic rights.
Politics is the art of possible,it is the weapon of every one not just the property of politicians.But we need to identify how we can make it possible.
Present time is the age  of technological revoloution .Technology has revolutionised the way we think,the way we act.We need to make full use of it to judge what is best for us.It has added sixth sense in our life in the real sense.The need of hour is to give a deep thought and change our mindset to bring a necessary change in our lives.
Hidayat Dar

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