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Careers opportunity in business management

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Vijay Garg

Many students wonder exactly what kind of careers they can pursue with a Bachelor’s Degree in business management. It’s important to understand your career options before you graduate with a bachelor’s degree so you know what you are ultimately aiming for.
While a Bachelor’s Degree can help you progress your career on many different paths, there are some popular options that many graduates gear toward with this degree. Some of the best and most popular business management careers include-
Sales Representative- A degree in business management can help prepare you to be a sales representative or even a sales manager. Sales representatives work directly with clients to sell them services or products, and then often manage that relationship to help meet their needs. Millions of companies have sales representatives that focus on getting their product or service out there. Some sales representatives directly sell a product, like cars or furniture. Other sales representatives sell software programs or consultation services. And other sales representatives may sell more abstract services like ad space on a website or sponsorship opportunities. Sales representatives utilize their business management degree to understand finance, marketing, and business strategy. This degree and what they learn in their courses helps them make connections and talk expertly about their product, how their business is performing, and more. The average yearly salary for a sales representative is , the product or service you are selling, and the commission you can make off of sales all directly impact how much you can earn. Having a higher education degree can also help you earn more money as a sales representative. . If you’re pursuing a business management degree, a career in sales could be a great path for you to follow. Your coursework will give you experience in finance, accounting, and marketing which can help you as a sales employee.
Operations Manager- A business operations manager is responsible for all of the ins and outs of how an organization runs. They look at all the systems and processes and help evaluate the best way to do them. They look for efficient solutions, create organization within a company, and oversee how everything works together. For example, in a manufacturing company the operations manager will look at the schedule for workers, the process for creating products, the organization system for storage and delivery, and help ensure that all of these processes run smoothly. They may help research and introduce a new scheduling system for workers and organize the best way for all the work to get done efficiently. there are business operation specialists up to the Chief Operating Officer, and the different titles in between will all have different salary level. A business management degree can be a great tool to help you be prepared for this exciting career path. A business degree will give you extensive experience in accounting, finance, operations, and strategy which will be important for your employment.
Banker- There are many careers within banking that can be a good fit for business management degree graduates. Investment banking, personal banking, wealth management, and even bank management are all great paths for those with a business management degree. Bankers can work for large investment firms, or for personal banks that businesses and individuals use. Personal bankers focus on working with clients on their investments, financial needs, mortgage and auto loans, and more. Commercial bankers are in charge of helping businesses set up their accounts, get loans, manage their funds, and more. Investment bankers essentially help large companies raise capital and follow regulations with their money. They look at the best ways to invest and help organizations do so in a financially sound way, for a fee. All of these kinds of banking career paths are available if you have a degree in business management. The kind of banking you choose to do will greatly impact your salary level. This greatly depends on where you work, the kinds of clients you handle, and more. Your degree can help you earn more money as well. Business management programs will focus on accounting and finance, both of which will be crucial in helping you be prepared for a banking career.
Financial Advisor-Financial Advisors help individuals learn about their investment, insurance, and retirement options. They often work for independent organizations to help clients learn about their investing options, insurance policies, and more. They take money from clients and help them invest it into mutual funds, CDs, stock market purchases, and more. They give regular reports and updates to clients about how their money is performing. They are responsible for researching good investment opportunities, helping explain insurance and retirement options to clients, and more. The Financial advisors often work on commission, so their salary level will depend on the number of clients they have. A business management career is ideal for financial advisors because it will help them learn about finances, as well as give them strategies for finding new clients and connecting with them. Accounting, economics, and finance courses in a business management bachelor’s degree programme can help you be prepared for this career.
Manager: Managers are tasked with maintaining organisation and efficiency inside a company. Managers often hire and train new employees, plan schedules, give reports and presentations to higher executives to show how a company is performing, plan team meetings to increase morale and productivity, and create and maintain budgets for the organization.
Managers may be over a specific area or team, or may have broad scope into a branch or region. Managers are needed for hierarchical structure in every industry, so any field you are interested in may have opportunities for management. Your level of education, the number of people you manage, and the size of your organization will all impact your salary level. Managers are always needed in organizations, so the job outlook for this field is good. If you want to be a manager, it’s important to find a field you’re passionate about and gain some experience there so you can work your way up.

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