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Cambridge crying & India denouncing

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Er P L Khushu

It is very much unfortunate for the Indian nation to observe Rahul Gandhi denouncing his own country on foreign soil, asking for help in restoring the democracy in India, which is under threat as per his willful vague and distorted vision about India. He is willfully ignoring India’s present day glamorous status amongst the developing countries of the world, for his own face savings for having been a failed political leader, without knowing the vastness of this country and its potential influence on world politics. He is bound to distort the image of India, as an escapist for his political failures, as a corollary to his little political get up, as also lack of sense of responsibility as a matured political leader, which he never was, nor will ever be. He is begging before the British who have ruled this country for centuries and have treated Indians as slaves. He is in deep slumber with lack of historical knowledge that British were made to quite India, with mass sacrifices of the Indian people who fought for the independence of India, for more than hundred years, in which his ancestors from Nehru dynasty were equally the active participants. He has probably forgotten the sacrifices of his great grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru in this regard, who was the pioneer figure to get Independence for India and the exit of the British rule from India. The entire Indian nation and its people are hurt with such irresponsible behavior and utterances of this so called immature political leader of the family clan of the newly generated congress party, which is almost now on its last legs. The people of this country shall have to seriously think about it and show the door to this ailing half dead congress party. This newly created congress party of three souls, is reduced now to a family affair of a mother, son and a daughter only, and supported by some sycophants across the country. These sycophants have inherent interest of being in the news, when such political by passers had no standing in the erstwhile congress party, which was led and managed by veteran congress leaders, who have been ousted from the party, or who left this party of their own. Such veteran political leaders had to leave this party, under the compulsions of being led and bossed by immature and irrelevant political leadership of people like Rahul Gandhi and his sister, both claiming legacy to the leadership of the congress party, due to their dynasty base, considering the electorate in India as cats and goats. Well the people of India have already shown them the door when congress party of present times is now reduced to the status of a mere regional party in some of the states of India. Summarized vicious untruths and zero baked statements of Rahul Gandhi at London in different forums, show that he is speaking under a worldwide vilification campaign against Prime Minister Modi, whose popularity as a world leader is touching new heights. At a lecture at Cambridge University, Rahul Gandhi said the Indian democracy is under pressure and opposition voices are being stifled. Rahul Gandhi has said, “Everybody knows and it’s been in the news a lot that Indian democracy is under pressure and under attack. I am an opposition leader in India, we are navigating that (opposition) space. The institutional framework that is required for democracy is Parliament, free press, and the judiciary, just the idea of mobilization, and moving around all are getting constrained. So, we are facing an attack on the basic structure of Indian democracy. India is described as a Union of states and that Union requires a negotiation and a conversation. This is increasingly coming under threat. Rahul Gandhi on his part reminded the audience at the events that the western powers like US and UK which pride themselves as defenders of democracy have been ‘oblivious’ to the systematic erosion of democracy in India. Similarly, while speaking with journalists at an event organized by Indian Journalists Association in London, he said, “People do not understand the scale of India and its democracy. So, how would you react if democracy suddenly disappeared in Europe? You would be shocked and you would be like ‘oh my God’ that is a massive blow to democracy. Well, how would you react if a structure three-and-a-half times Europe suddenly went non-democratic. That’s happening already. That’s not something that is going to happen in the future. It already happened.”
Then Rahul Gandhi said at the Chatham House in London, “The surprising thing is that the so-called defenders of democracy, which are the US, European countries, seem to be oblivious that a huge chunk of democratic model has come undone. The opposition is fighting the battle and it is not an Indian battle alone, actually it is much more of a bigger battle, a battle for a huge part of democratic people.” In his speeches, Gandhi alleged that discussions on controversial matters like demonetization, problems with GST, or farmers’ laws, or even the Chinese aggression at India’s borders are not allowed to take place in the parliament. So, that stifling made us ask ourselves a fundamental question, How do we communicate with the people of India when the media is biased and when the institutions are captured?” It is unfortunate to observe that how Rahul Gandhi is washing his own dirty linen in a foreign country under a planned international conspiracy, of being a monster enemy of his own country, while denouncing the golden growth of India under the honest and serene leadership of Modi. He in his all immaturity and lack of education, has crossed all the limits of being a true citizen of India and sold his credentials of being an opposition leader for a petty gain of a cheap popularity at the cost of the damaging the dignity and the honor of the country by calling present India as undemocratic. By cursing India and its other democratic limbs like media, the judiciary, parliament and what not, Rahul Gandhi has been used under a bigger conspiracy by the adversaries of Modi and the present government of NDA headed by BJP, as the right person to do so. This has been done through him because of his immature image, child like utterances and above all lack of prudence as a political leader, having no command on the totality of the political ecosystem of India. It is very much unfortunate for India. The criticisms have touched a chord at a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being projected as a global leader and India as the new global superpower. This is pinching as so many forces across the globe in general and in India the congress party in particular, are trying to show down the achievements of the present government for their selfish ends. The ‘Tool Kit Gang’ and ‘Tukde-Tukde Gang’ are being used and energized by these fifth columnists, to defame India and its present leadership. Such gangs coupled with other foreign elements are presently trying their level best to show down the present leadership governing India with honesty and dedication to gain power back as also shield their monstrous loot of this country when they were in power for about more than fifty years. It is an established fact that Rahul Gandhi has damaged his party to a great extent and is now damaging India too by such utterances. He is now posing as great risk to the democracy of India, when he has already doomed his political party to its extinction.
The supposedly great Indian National Congress is being made to decay under its own weight of the hypocritical family fiasco, when it is claimed by a self-selected few, presently in the congress hierarchy, as a legacy in their heritage. It is now a situation of leadership crisis in the Congress, which is now manifesting in a farcical battle of the generations. The fact, India’s Grand Old Party seems unable to look beyond ‘the family’ for the top party post, when in recent months a few leaders have openly expressed dissatisfaction with the manner in which the party is run. Demoralized, leaderless, the Grand Old Party of yester–years is now a pale shadow of its former self. He is the root cause of the doom of the congress party. Presumably, with a vicious support of some hidden forces under a well palmed derogatory strategy, Rahul Gandhi is trying to become the ‘Nawab’ of India with foreign help and that too on foreign soil. He with the help of the distinct trios in the present congress party, is trying to come to power, through his slanderous abuses on Modi and democracy of India. But will it work. If wishes were horses beggars would ride. It applies to Raul Gandhi. He is probably unaware of his image across the country as an immature politician. Several Union Ministers have demanded that Gandhi apologize to the nation for his speeches in the UK, seen to be critical of the government. “The person who speaks the most in this country, and targets the government day and night, says abroad that he does not have the freedom to speak in India,” Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju told reporters. “Rahul Gandhi can sink the Congress, we don’t care. But if he tries to harm or insult the nation, we as citizens cannot be silent. Just because the country has rejected the Congress leadership, doesn’t mean he can tarnish the nation abroad,” he added. The Law Minister said Rahul Gandhi spoke the language of anti-India forces. “It is very sad that an MP lowers the prestige of parliament. Anti-India forces all speak the same language. All anti-India gang members talk on same lines. They repeat whatever Rahul Gandhi says,” Rijiju spoke. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh slammed Rahul Gandhi for insulting India in London. Singh demanded in Lok Sabha that the Congress leader should be asked to ‘apologize before the House.’ The only course left for Rahul Gandhi is to apologize to the nation for his uncalled for utterances in London saying that there is no democracy left in the present India apart from his other mindless observations about India. To his political doom as usual, by saying repeatedly about Modi that ‘Chowkidaar-Chor Hai’ and the like, he has made Modi more popular amongst the masses of India. Probably he needs to be put on probation in field of political knowledge with his own congress party cadre, as there is enough prudence still left in this decaying political party provided they are allowed to grow and act. The situation otherwise sounds very bleak for congress, as the queen and the princes of congress will never allow it to grow beyond the influence of their domain, till congress vanishes under its own shade. This is height of the autocracy on the part of those in the congress party who are not allowing this political party to grow beyond the certain influx of dynasty base which has basically a foreign link. bl ?kj dks vkx yx x;h ?kj ds fpjkx ls |

(The author is a Chartered Consultant Civil Engineer, passionately attached and devoted to his motherland – Jammu & Kashmir).

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