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Burning straw

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Dear Editor,
Burning of wastes is taking place every day in cities and villages. There is hardly any mechanism for waste management in India. Environment is being polluted by the burning of this waste material throughout the year and the quantum of pollution is much higher than caused by stubble burning. The visibility of stubble burning is high because it takes place during a window of just about 15-20 days in a year. Then there are other sources of pollution such as diesel vehicles, air-conditioners, etc. There seems to be little effort in checking them. Haryana farmers are themselves victims of pollution due to industrial wastes from Delhi. The water supplied to farmers in Palwal and Faridabad are not even consumed by animals due to effluents coming from Delhi. Nobody cares to listen to their problems. Ultimately, it appears that it is only the poor farmers from Haryana who have to suffer. Let us be more rational and see that a situation is not created when we push somebody so much against the wall that he has no option but to turn back and react.
R. S Dalal,

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