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Burning Kashmir schools condemnable

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Dear Editor,
With increasing number of schools being burned in the J & K Valley shows that unrest and violence in the Valley has affected young minds the most, as thousand of young protesters took part in the protests while hundreds of them have either been arrested or have sustained injuries in clashes with security forces. Education is the foundation of tomorrow’s wealth and prosperity of a nation. By denying or maiming education to our future generation we are hindering the community’s well being and a traitor to our society. It is an attack on the future of children and the culprits must be identified for sternest punishment. This is a highly condemnable act and the perpetrators behind this heinous crime must be held accountable. The people need to understand and come forward to be part of civil society and isolate the few extremists amongst them to ensure they don’t throw their future and that of their children into flames. All the necessary preventive and protective measures shall be taken to stop the mysterious enemies of education.
Vinod C. Dixit

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