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Bukhari urges people to end exploitation by Abdullahs, Muftis through power of vote

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SRINAGAR: Continuing its public outreach, seeking vote and support from the people, Apni Party, on Tuesday, convened public rallies at the Arizal and Kaich areas in central Kashmir’s Budgam district.
Addressing the rallies, the party president, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, urged people to play their role in ending the exploitation by the political dynasties in Jammu and Kashmir through the power of their vote.
He said, “The era of autocracy supposedly ended in 1947 when the Maharaja left J&K. However, unfortunately, since then, we have seen a chain of ‘Maharajas’ in the guise of democratic leaders over the past seven decades. It is the responsibility of the people to put an end to the continuous exploitation by political families, specifically Abdullahs and Muftis, here through the power of vote.”
Lashing out at the NC and PDP for their hypocrisy, Bukhari said, “These parties have always exhibited hypocrisy in pursuit of their political objectives. Take, for instance, the National Conference. Its leadership went so far as to change the very name of the party, originally the Muslim Conference, to the National Conference, solely for political advantage. Then they supported India in 1947, this decision was once again driven by their political ambitions. A few years later, they raised the slogan of ‘Raishumari’ once again motivated by political gain. They then buried the so-called ‘Raishumari’ slogan and entered into the Indra-Sheikh accord yet again for their political gains. Then, after a few years, the party again changed its stance and raised the slogan of so-called ‘Autonomy’, as usual for their political gains.”
He added, “In a striking display of opportunism, NC leaders once ridiculed Congress members by calling them ‘the worms of the gutter’, yet today, they have formed an alliance with the very same Congress, undoubtedly driven solely by political advantages.” Bukhari went on to say, “Similarly, the PDP kept people busy with slogans like self-rule, only to maintain its hold on power and establish the dynastic rule of its leaders here. This party sought people’s votes in 2014, promising to keep the BJP out of J&K, but after winning the elections, its top leadership betrayed the people’s mandate and formed a coalition government with the same BJP.”
“Hypocrisy seems to be ingrained in the very nature of these political families,” he added.
In his speech, the Apni Party leader applauded people for their contribution to peace in Jammu and Kashmir and assured them that the Apni Party would ensure permanent peace and tranquillity in this region.
He said, “I congratulate the people who have chosen to uphold peace and tranquillity in Jammu and Kashmir following the events of August 5, 2019. This atmosphere of peace and tranquillity has already begun yielding economic benefits for the people here. For growth and prosperity, sustained peace is of utmost importance. I assure you that the Apni Party is committed to restoring and maintaining lasting peace in J&K.”
Bukhari urged people to support and vote for the Apni Party. He said, “Unlike traditional parties, especially the two family-based parties, the Apni Party does not believe in emotional slogans and fake narratives. We do not sell deceitful dreams, make fake promises, or rely on emotional narratives like traditional political parties do. Our politics are grounded in truth and integrity. We only promise what we believe can be delivered. We are here to ensure peace, prosperity, and development in Jammu and Kashmir. Therefore, I request that you give us a chance to implement our pro-people agenda. In these Lok Sabha polls, vote for our candidate, Mohammad Ashraf Mir Sahib, and get ready to elect the Apni Party in the following elections for the assembly. I assure you; our commitment is unwavering: we shall neither mislead nor disappoint.”
He further said, “In the 2019 parliamentary elections, traditional parties sought your votes with a promise to safeguard Article 370 from being abrogated. You trusted them and elected all three members of parliament from one of these parties. The other party too had its two members in the Raja Sabha. However, they failed to protect Article 370 from getting abrogated. These elected MPs did not even bother to resign in protest of the abrogation of Article 370.”
“Furthermore, what contributions did these elected MPs make for economic advancement during their tenure? Did they bring any economic projects here to pave the way for employment opportunities? Did they try to ensure the release of our incarcerated youth? If not, then why should we vote for candidates from the same parties?” he asked, urging people to vote for the Apni Party.

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