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Brave Mehbooba defuses Kashmiri salvos

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JAMMU: In a meeting of Live and Let Live Society of India (LLLSI) held under its Chairman Romal Singh, the participants hailed the crystal clear vision of her policy on Kashmir issue stating that a handful of elements cannot take 95 per cent of Kashmiri population for a ride.
LLLSI in its earlier notes published on 8th April and 13th July, 2016 had pointed out about the Kashmiri salvos against the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti towards destablisation of her government.
President Santokh Singh Komal said that Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti after sensing correctly the crux of the problem that handful of the elements are working behind, she has precisely clarified to the people of Kashmir that these elements play safe for themselves and push the poor, innocent youths and teenagers to attack the camps of security forces and police stations. They use children as their shields. She was bold enough and clear in her mind to point out that casualties will take place when camps of security forces, police pickets and police stations are attacked by violent mobs.
Appreciating her assertion Komal said that while Mufti from north pole had courage and confidence to join the south pole for the development, peace and prosperity of Kashmiris, Mehbooba has gone much ahead to tear off the nefarious designs of a handful of people coming in the way and had eclipsed the Kashmiri Moon and the heaven on earth.
LLLSI assured the Chief Minister that with such a strong statement she has won the hearts of 95 per cent of the people of Kashmir and 100 per cent of Jammu.

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