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BMW India launches BMW M Performance Training Program

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BMW India has launched the ‘BMW M Performance Training’ in India. The exclusive driver training program will demonstrate the dynamism, versatility and high performance of the BMW M car range in Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai and Aamby Valley.

‘BMW M Performance Training’ is a specially designed full-day event by BMW driving experts on renowned race tracks in India. Performance car enthusiasts can test and hone their driving skills while experiencing the dynamic nature of BMW M models. The ‘BMW M Performance Training’ program will involve various driving conditions such as cornering, high-speed straights and dramatic changes in elevation. The BMW M3 Sedan, the BMW M4 Coupe, the BMW M5 Sedan, the BMW M6 Gran Coupe, the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M will carry adrenaline levels to new heights with their prowess. Thus, guaranteeing a drive filled with pure, unadulterated excitement and ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’.

Mr. Frank Schloeder, (Act.) President, BMW Group India said, “A machine is only as good as the person controlling it. This philosophy defines the fundamentals of ‘BMW M Performance Training’. Seasoned BMW certified trainers and instructors will help drivers get maximum driving pleasure out of their cars. We are delighted to bring this exclusive program for car enthusiasts in India enabling them to cut a good figure on the racetrack, so they can handle whatever test the road throws at them.”

“Driving the M cars is like experiencing the world from a higher level and is the fastest escape from the ordinary. BMW M cars have always set new standards for high-performance sports cars with their powerful engines, highly emotive design, augmented output and outstanding efficiency. To the very last detail, M cars are commanding all-rounders that cope with every challenge due to their racy versatility.” Mr. Schloeder further added.

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