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Blisters by BJP

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   Mahadeep Singh Jamwal

A common man has very little expectations from a popular government i.e. a source of lively hood to earn two time meal, and small shelter. It is enough for him to praise the government and their leaders. Little concern and knowledge about big budgetary provisions, tax exemptions, foreign investments, and what not, these are reasons that many boasted schemes of present NDA Government are of least concern for them. This category of the people have not witnessed any change in their life structure. This prevailing scenario of change constantly claimed by the present regime of NDA is not observed by the common man but at large not even by any one of the society. What changes have to the big industrial houses or the persons always on board to foreign trips with government, only they can comment and for me it is Adnani group and persons like Mallya seem to be benefitted. There may have been changes but they do not seem to be on ground and various inaugurations of national level projects are the contributions of previous government. The Union Government and Railway Budget announced is a vision of 2022 and 2020 and not of the current year. Various friendly schemes announced in agriculture sector by way of heavy budgetary allocations are doubted as a soft allocation to attract the eyes of the corrupt hawks in the society. The middle man and government employees have been given ‘Jhunjhuna’ for entertainment, as they have been forced to live in an atmosphere of suffocation and suffering.
The governments tax collections continue to go up, the middle class is being hit the hardest as they are being squeezed between the rising prices of essential commodities on one side, and an indifferent government on the other.
The historically low price of crude oil slipped to Rs. 3,192.91 per barrel in 6th August, 2015, where as crude oil price was Rs. 6,406.56 per barrel on 16th May, 2014 according to data put out by the Press Information Bureau, but the benefit is not passed on to the people. We are paying 17.46 per liter as central excise whereas UPA Government was charging Rs. 9.48 per liter. The government has raised a total of Rs.75,441 crore in fuel tax in 2014-15, about Rs. 2,500 crore higher than the previous year. Our daily consumable items have seen 100 percent price rise.
If we talk of J and K State, we have been given sufferings in created matters such as:
* The Amaranth Land Row: It was a religious exploitation of sentiments of the people of Jammu region with regard to transfer of land to Amarnath pilgrimage facility. The agitation was kept alive for two months by this party’s sub group of saffron brand and finding the people fully surcharged to vote in their favour, it was called off, on an agreement that “The land has been set aside exclusively for use by the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board which, however would not have any proprietary / title rights on it and shall not raise any permanent structure thereon”. AYSS convener while announcing the suspension of the agitation shamefully described the agreement as “a victory for the people of Jammu” If perceived in reality, two months agitation brought nothing for the Jammuites but eleven Assembly seats for BJP, although virtually mandate was sold out later on. This agreement was rejected by PDP President, Mehbooba Mufti, saying that the unilateral decision on land and for Amarnath Yatra is a move to disrespect the popular sentiments in Kashmir, any decision on this sensitive matter should have been taken only with consensus and after consultation with the Kashmir Coordination Committee and civil society here.’
* The party just to gain power in J and K for the first time forgets its commitments and slogans of pre-election and joined hands with PDP forgetting its role on Amarnath Land Row, Afzal Guru and pro militant approach and even the statement of late Mufti ji, giving credit of fair elections to militants and forces across the border.
* AIIMS issue. In previous year budget an AIIMS was announced for Jammu and Kashmir and as per clarification from Finance Ministry, it was meant for Jammu. But on 1st March, 2015 the Agenda for Alliance released, which said that the Valley would get AIIMS. Thus an announcement in favour of Jammuites was also an act of betraying the people of Jammu by power lust BJP. This situation brought hatred against BJP ministers and leaders, followed by shutdowns. Conceiving that BJP could potentially erode its base in Jammu, they started insisting that Jammu too would get an AIIMS.
* After the demise of CM, Late Mufti, BJP started hovering around PDP for an early re-stitch of alliance only for power and realising the begging attitude, the PDP kept distanced from Jammu based BJP leaders and looked forward from Modi for certain commitments. The shadow prevailing over present crises would have made BJP to distance itself from PDP but its falling flat before PDP has brought the people of Jammu a shame.
* The large scale allegations of corruption against some of the ex-ministers of BJP, and silence of the top leadership of the party at the Center has exposed the party from its stand of giving corruption free government.
* Sitting over the funds available and not releasing them during ten months rule, for benefits of the people for the reasons best known to them, speaks of their inefficiency, which were released by the Governor, the very next day, when these ex-ministers  were no more at the helm of affairs.
* Non tolerance of sitting MLA’s and ex-ministers by the ensuing contesting candidate of civic elections is self explanatory about this inefficient lot sent to Assembly.
These are some of the blisters given by BJP to the people of Jammu region, which are getting some healing in the Governor rule, but these power hungry coterie of BJP is bent upon to keep these blisters alive and burning, as they are trying their best to re-stitch the alliance by all available methods of begging, and falling flat, when sentiments of the people are against it.

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