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Bleeding paradise, crying for justice

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   Sunaina Malik

Undoubtedly, Kashmir is a land of dreams and aspirations for every one across the globe. Whosoever visits Kashmir once, is desirous to come again in this heaven on earth? God has blessed Kashmir an eternal exquisiteness, unending charisma and rejuvenating fantasy. But friends our Kashmir is smouldering today. Its lanes and roads have turned red due to profusely flowing blood of our innocent civilians who are brutally annihilated by pellet guns. The world of our children has turned black due the loss of their eye sight as a consequence of attack of led particles through pellet guns on their tender eyes. Our future generation is choosing the path of guns in spite of pen due to violation of their basic rights and due to the injustice with them in the form of continuous arrest, beating and illegal oppression from authorities. In short, our Kashmir is passing through a time worst of its kind. A time when our seven million Kashmiris are kept as hostages in their homes for last 29 days like folk of sheep, a time when Kashmiris do not have enough food to feed the ravenous mouth of their children, a time when small babies are howling for milk and irony to our fate is, their milk bottles are empty for past 29 days, a time when old ailing Kashmiri folk is praying for death, as there is no medicine with them which can give them relief from their pain, a time when hospitals in Kashmir are over crowded with injured Kashmiri sons, children and women and a time when Kashmiri grave yards are not enough for more graves of her sons. In addition to this authorities have crossed all the limits of viciousness when they finish the life of an ATM guard by shooting 50 bullets of pellet guns in his abdomen. As per reports deceased body was found lying on road bathed in the pool of blood. Killing of an employee on duty has bleeded every human heart of the world. This is the limit of atrocities by authorities in Kashmir. If this is not injustice then tell me what is the injustice?
It is said that when injustice reaches at climax there start its declination so the time of declination of injustice has reached in Kashmir. At this time whole Kashmir is boiling with the emotion of their basic right to sovereignty or referendum. As it is known to world that Kashmir as a disputed political issue is already lying with UN council so UN council which is liable to safeguard the rights of destitute in the world should step forward with a solution which would be acceptable to all the three religiously and demographically diverse sections of state of Jammu and Kashmir in the form of Jammu, Kashmir and ladakh. Following are some the suggestion which can be key points towards solving the biggest issue of continent of Asia.
(1) Jammu Kashmir is not a State populated with people believing in single faith. Kashmir Division is a Muslim populated region where as only two and half districts of Jammu Division are Hindu populated, rest of Jammu Division including Chenab Valley, Rajouri and Poonch are dominated with Muslim population, where as Ladakh region is also comprised of two religious groups like Leh District dominated by followers of Budism while Kargil is dominated by Shia Muslims. So keeping in view all these realities, our State in no circumstances can afford solution of Kashmir issue with partition of State because division of State will recap the bloody episode of communal riots of 1947 when million of sons of soil died for none.
(2) Demographically Jammu Kashmir is sharing its border with two big powers of world Pakistan and China. These two nations have their eye on Kashmir. State no case would afford to loose its sovereignty at the hands of Pakistan or China. So keeping in view the approaching clouds of danger of deaths over Valley after would be independence, UN along with Indian Govt. should reinstate pre 1952 State of Jammu and Kashmir when State was sovereign for internal matters like Kashmir had its own Prime Minister and President and India had only three matters of State in her hand like communication, boarders security and currency. This solution would be most acceptable to all the three regions of State. Only this can safe guard the independence of Kashmir from invasion of enemies and can save the lives of people of Jammu and Kashmir.
In the conclusion, I would like to say that atrocities on the people of Jammu and Kashmir are spoiling the peaceful image of India before world community. It is ripe time for India to prove that it is not land which matters for India but it is the choice of people of J and K which matters for her.

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