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Black Day for humanity

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Dear Editor,
If we still think we live in a civilised world ,we are fools.What a shameful day for the whole world,now innocent children are the target of so called Jihad’s.What the hell they wanna prove. My heart is crying for the innocent lives lost and I could feel the pain and anguish of the parents.Still there are maroons who would try to defend these savages who look like human beings. They have tarnished humanity and what type of mission are they carrying ?Which religion they follow? The whole world should join hands to eliminate these maroons.They definitely deserve drone attacks.These mad dogs have to die. God is watching their unholy acts.Non state actors like Hafiz Sayeed in Pakistan  who always spits venom are the root cause of these incidents .It the time when Pakistani Govt should act firmly against terrorism and punish these culprits.Every Indian will support every Pakistani to crush terrorism at any cost but the ball is in their court.”Poochenge woh bachche khuda se unn ka kasoor kya tha Rooka kyun nahi inn darindon ko jab tum ko sab pata tha”. Sad day for humanity.May God give peace to these innocent souls.
Sanjay Raina

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