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BJP helpless to root out corrupt ministers in J&K

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 Mahadeep Singh Jamwal

The BJP led NDA government at the center, when claim to wipe out black money and corruption from the system, it please everyone and we paint sketch of a acceptable system where a common man has to face no trouble on account of corrupt system. But in Jammu and Kashmir all tall claims of this government fall flat, when the accusing fingers are raised towards its own party ministers. The demonetization a big measure to come heavily on corrupt system, to unearth black money, to zero the value of unaccounted money piled in personal possessions in crores, a blow on fake currency and heavy hammering on terrorist activities running on fake and Hawala transactions, bringing results but this all is a mockery in Jammu and Kashmir. It is what natural that when ministers of the same political party are caught and fall in the dragnet of piling huge black money earned by way of indulging into corrupt practices, it definitely raises a big question mark on the true will of the party for its double standard and the same is happening in Jammu, the region represented by 25 MLAs from BJP and occupying equal number of ministerial births as occupied by PDP, a coalition partner in the government. The BJP ministers of J&K government have ever remained in headlines in print media since day one of the formation of this alliance government, not for delivery to the common man, fulfilling of election promises, measures to cut down the discrimination with Jammu but they remained in media owing to its indulgence in corruption, surrendering to the Kashmir centric politics, promoting their kith and kins, promoting the transfer industry, allowing to misuse their portfolios even by their better halves and even on cross fingers with their own MLAs and party workers. If we have to take a big dig into all these, we come to only one conclusion that the mere agenda of these guys was to amass money putting all principles to dust bin and befooling the people by giving them the concept of development as improvement in lanes and drains, inauguration of upgraded transformers, cutting ribbons of banquette halls, malls and new show rooms and organizing ‘Yatras’ and conducting seminars. The real issues of Jammu people never were a matter of their consideration that may be AIIMS issue of Jammu, equal distribution of funds, equal opportunity in employment sector, imposing of air fare taxes on our places of religious faith and what not. They are often accused of promoting transfer industry a main source of corruption in J&K.
After demonetization we find people carrying their legitimate money just close to the sealing of Rs 2.5 lacs for depositing in their genuine accounts, for other buisness transactions, making arrangements for marriage ceremonies or for medical treatment, they are caught, put to sustained interrogation and are facing the income tax motices. The jewwellers are raided and harrased treating as if they are only responsible for all the black money and corruption let lose in the country. But contrary to it the ministers exposed for corruption and carrying black money in J&K are above law and enjoy all the best only because they are from BJP a coalition partner in government. A daring newspaper exposing a BJP minister with a sensational discloser that “A senior minister of ruling BJP allegedly took Rs 13 crore in cash as bribe from party MLC to help him establish a buisness in the winter capital in addition to a flat and a car” another news captioned ” Unfold mystery involving transportation of notes in ministerial car”, whereby invalid currency notes of Rs 500 and 1000 denomination amounting to Rs 5 crore were recovered by intercepting a ministerial car of a BJP minister, is a talk of the town about corruption by BJP ministers, but they got political shelter and no action because of BJP concern. The corruption history of BJP of 2008 is still sounding in the Jammu, when 7 MLAs were shunted out by the party for accepting corruption to vote for a particular candidate for Council in J&K but BJPs view on corruption was exposed when just few months ahead of elections they were again on the board of BJP in Jammu.
Now the fog is clear as why these BJP stalwarts from BJP were desperate to form government in coalition with PDP after the demise of late Mufti Je, as their half roasted mutton and bread butter was not fully consumed by them and they were just at the door step to fill pile up their wallet. These were the people running from pillar to post, dashing to Delhi for tailoring re-alliance with PDP and central leadership on the basis of first timer power taster in J&K re-stitched the alliance. It is necessary to reflect some basics of coming of this party with 25 seats in Jammu and we have to penetrate through the ‘Vision Document’ envisaging therein;
o Just and honorable re-settlement of the displaced members of the Kashmiri Pandit Community.
o Reserve three seats for displaced Kashmiris, out of 46 Assembly seats for Kashmir Valley.
o Reserve five seats for refugees from the POK from the 24 seats kept vacant for the Pak occupied Kashmir.
o 33 percent reservation to women in the legislative assembly and legislative council.
o Favoritism will be curbed.
o Will ensure corruption free and people friendly government.
The practical aspect of this party coming to power on this Document is that all this documentation was an essay written to high light the Jammu problems, but not to follow it. The Jammu leaders of Kashmir centric parties are branded as Adulator/Sycophants and BJP has also proved itself too stepped in the same hoes. After the demise of Late Mufti Je, it took at least three months to re-stitch, basically on Following matters of concern;
o The re-election is not going to repeat these Ministers and MLAs.
o They will be deprived of constituency development fund, free luxurious vehicles, battery of PSOs, escort vehicles, and free luxurious Bungalows, and many more comforts.
o No dictates to the administration, which becomes available at their back and call while in power.
o Hundreds scope of corruption and what not, of which they will be deprived.
o Their position on ground level exposed by civic election contestants as to with draw if ex-ministers and MLA’s appear in their areas of contesting.
o Utilizing the left over tenure of Assembly with power and comforts as there after they have to slip to oblivion.
Concluding we can sum up “all that glitters is not gold” and it applies to BJP also whether in center or in state having its double standard of dealing with common man and people in their party fold on the current issue of demonetization. Let us wake and delibrate on this issue.

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