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Beware ‘secularists’! Yogi is going to rewrite success story of Modi

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Beware ‘secularists’! Yogi is going to rewrite success story of ModiDOST KHAN / ANCHOR

Yogi Adityanath is perhaps the second most demonized politician in India after Narendra Modi. At the time of his political glory, he is censured, abused and even cursed in every television chat room and newspaper column for being, what secularists say, a polarizing figure. Donning the mantle of the UP Chief Minister has, therefore, put a huge challenge, not only for him but the BJP leadership and the people, who have reposed their faith in saffron clad Yogi.
Like Modi, Yogi too will have to convert this hate and criticism into an opportunity to emerge as a hope for the most populous state of the country like the Prime Minister did for India.
Modi suffered such a vicious campaign by pseudo-secularists that the country like United States of America refused visa to him and the irony was that ‘compatriots’ in the government back in India instead of taking offense of an elected Chief Minister of one of the important states of the country being humiliated, almost welcomed the decision. The insult was not just hurled upon Narendra Modi but to the tolerant India that has been showing highest degree of assimilation from times immemorial. Whosoever came to this land was not only welcomed but encouraged to dominate. The Mughals are case in point.
Yogi Adityanath is cursed for espousing the cause of Hindus; he is belittled for calling spade a spade; he is hurled abuses for speaking against discrimination of the majority community in their own country. He is an eyesore for pseudo secularists, who are highly intolerant on being shown mirror. His projection as anti-Muslim comes from the ruling elite and the so-called liberals, including Samajwadi Party that booked its own candidate, Hasrat Ullah Sherwani, from Kasganj constituency last month, in the midst of the just concluded Assembly elections, for giving a ‘communal’ statement. Hasrat Sherwani had stated that during his tenure as legislator none of the men from the minority community (Muslims) were called to police stations. “If caught, they were let off by cops after merely revealing their identity”, he had said adding that “Kisi Police Wale main Himmat Nai Thi Ki Pakkad Le…Kya Naam hain Omar Aur Tera Abdulah…Aacha Ja. Police were so afraid that they thought if they took action, “Vidhayak ji’ will not spare them,” he had stated.
Shielding criminals on the basis of their religion or allocating double the funds for Kabristans than Shamshaans in a state with 80 per cent Hindu population is not communal but when the people like Modi comment or Yogi Adityanath express concern over dwindling Hindu population over the years is polarization.
Mulayam Singh Yadav and his Chief Minister son Akhilesh Yadav were not communal while watching with sadistic pleasure the exodus of 250 Hindu families from Kairana village in Shamli district of western Uttar Pradesh last year, which was even confirmed by National Human Rights Commission but if Yogi like politicians raise concern they are fascists. For secularists, to be or to assert as a Hindu is crime. India must be a unique nation across the world where majority community has been rendered apologetic because of their Hindu identity.
In Mamta Banerjee’s West Bengal, attack on a Hindu temple during last Durga Pooja by minority community was brazenly put under the carpet but disappearance of a minority student of JNU caused ripples in the national polity. All secularists and ‘Award Wapsi Brigade’ got activated but when a young Muslim girl was trolled and intimidated for singing a Bhajjan, their mouths got stitched.
Secular Indian politicians have different yardsticks for different religious and ethnic groups. The conviction of Batala House terrorist after a due judicious process is as bad for secularists as the acquittal of Swami Aseemanand. This lot of politicians has not changed even after humiliating drubbing in recent polls in four of the five states. Instead of recognizing consolidation of Hindus as a backlash to their mindset, they behave like ostriches to hide their political embarrassment.
Yogi Adityanath is a political reality in Modi’s ‘New India’. Sooner the anti-Hindu secular class realizes this better it is for the unity and integrity of the nation. Equally better is such a realization for prosperity and dignity of Muslims, who have been exploited by the pseudo-secularists for the past nearly seven decades for their vested interest. Muslims too must come out of the Chakravyuh weaved by secular-brigade. In politics, pre-judging individuals is a bad analysis but given the success story scripted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the world at large and the pseudo secularists in particular, will find Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister in a real new Avtaar, performing his Rajdharma without favour and prejudice.

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