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Balding? Hair treatments to get the mop back

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Even when you wear your best outfits and the most expensive shoes, if your hair is limp and untidy, the entire painstakingly-put-together look goes for a toss. A halo of healthy and wellgroomed hair framing a nicely done-up face can take your `looking awe some’ quotient, up by quite a few notches.
When pampering your hair, you must actually make sure that you are also taking ample care of your scalp -for the
simple reason that healthy roots are the crux of a healthy crop of hair.
There are some special types of treatments recommended by the city trichologists, that can help maintain a healthy scalp.
PLATELET RICH PLASMA VAMPIRE HAIR RESTORATION: The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is also called the vampire treatment or the Dracula Therapy because one’s own blood is used in this procedure. A little amount of blood is extracted and then the PRP is extracted from it in the centrifuge machine. The natural growth factors are then injected in the scalp.
GROWTH FACTOR DELIVERY TO ROOTS: This is another new technology that stimulates hair growth from roots. It is a combination of two non-invasive techniques.Nutrients and growth factors are delivered directly to hair roots and follicles to strengthen it. And this is followed with a pulsed magnetic stimulation to enhance the growth factors in one’s hair. It also repairs hair roots and stimulates hair growth.
SCALP COVERING SYSTEM: Dr Shah says that hair thinning happens because of the male hormone testosterone, which some people may be surprised to know is present in women as well. He adds, “It is possible to fight hair thinning using advanced treatments like scalp covering treatments that use plant stem cells.Taking care of diet to include hair foods and correcting lifestyle to reduce stress will also help.The instant permanent scalp cover treatment can be done in two hours under local anaesthetic gel.”
PHOTOBIOTHERAPY TREATMENT: There are different techniques that can rejuvenate the scalp, explains trichologist Dr Apoorva Shah. The hair rejuvenation therapy or the photobiotherapy treatment is one of the latest advancements in hair and scalp care. The treatment works on the principle of a beam of low level cold laser treatment and has been proven as a breakthrough for fuller and stronger hair.
LASER HAIRGROW SYSTEM: This is another noninvasive, soft laser technology (LLLT) that improves microcirculation to your hair follicles and repairs and strengthens roots.
TAKE PRECAUTIONS: Trichologist Dr Snehal Sriram says, “Don’t neglect that little itching and dandruff -as it could intensify and weaken the roots. Use an anti-fungal shampoo two to three times a week. Keep it on the scalp for five minutes for best results.”

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