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Bad days ahead

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An Indian engineer was killed and two others injured when an American man opened fire on them after allegedly yelling “get out of my country”, with the police calling it as a “possible hate crime”. The shooting incident comes at a time when hate crimes and acts of bigotry have risen notably during the recent months in America. It has sent shock waves among Indian-American and the Indian community across the United States. Earlier another computer engineer from Andhra Pradesh was killed in a firing incident. The rise in hate crime after the take-over of Donald Trump as President of United States has not only created fear psychosis among the Asian but the lurking fear of being targeted by the maverick Americans looms large. Apple does not look attractive now. Till now Indians were quite safe and never carried such fears with them. Even as the Donald Trump administration’s decision to tweak H-1B visa rules in the US affects the prospects of Indian techies, the savings of about three million Indians living in Saudi Arabia could end up taking a hit as the hitherto tax-free nation has introduced value-added tax, leaving less income for savings, which could reduce NRI remittances to India. Trump’s crackdown on immigration will include restrictions on so-called H1B visas, which India’s IT sector uses to send thousands of highly-skilled workers to America every year. It looks bad times are ahead for Indians abroad. If the proposed cut-in visa intakes comes into affect the move will further shrink the job prospects for the Indian professionals. This may threaten to sour Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s burgeoning relationship. The leaders have extended mutual invitations to visit their respective countries but are heading for a clash on visas. Restrictions would be a major negative decision by Trump and would mean fewer international opportunities for Indians who were looking towards west for a brighter and better future now they will have to think of some alternative destinations like Canada and Europe instead of USA.

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