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Apology from Zaira Wasim , a blow on Kashmiriyat

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Dear Editor,
The recently raised controversy over the apology of Dangal girl Zaira Wasim on her meeting with present CM of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti has raised
innumerable eye brows over the civility of Kashmiri culture. A culture which was once known for its values and ethics in the whole world has now reached up to level of threatening and forcing a person for apology on her mere meeting with a personality who got maximum mandate from Kashmiri people themselves. I am very apologetic to say but this act has completely maligned the social image of we Kashmiris before the people of other varied cultures of world who have high prestige for us and who visit our beautiful Valley and our homes with an intention of getting love and respect in return. No body can deny the fact that only victim of pain knows the real definition of pain, other only pass comments .Recently passed tsunami of blood shed has bathed the green land of Kashmir and turned it into red. This bloody episode of three and half month has filled our hearts with pain,resentment and hate towards administration but this in no circumstances means to threaten any person who comes to meet any member of administration.
At this point of moment, we Kashmiris should understand that extremism has very little or no acceptance in today’s world of democracy and freedom, so who so ever follow the path of extremism would be marginalised by the world community at large. Forcing or threatening any free Indian amounts to extremism. Even Islam prohibits the sense of force over other against his or her free will. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said “invite every one for (Slah) but never force them to join u”.
In addition to this more than half of Kashmir’s economy depends upon the tourism industry. Beauty of Kashmir along with humane conduct, culture and moral values of Kashmiri race make an attractive package to attract people across the globe to visit Kashmir and as a result it increases the economy. But I am very apologetic to say that terrorism has already effected this industry in the Valley but the acts like forcing some one to act according to your will other wise face consequences has further detiorated the image of every common Kashmiri and set it an example of defining the common mind set of people of Valley. This impression of our thinking level would limit lots of people of other culture and belief to visit our Valley for recreation and further limits our source of economy .
Even history speaks that forced conducts have always increased the problems instead of solving. God himself has made this world with innumerable variety in it and every body is important and inseparable part of this universe. One may be right in his or her ideology but he cannot prove other one wrong and also in no position to force him to change his ideology.
In the end I would like to say we should follow those path in our lives that even after our departure from this mortal world people use our lives and conducts as examples of morality and idealness for others and nor as persona of devilic character.
Sunaina Malik

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