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Anti-Terrorism Day observed at JKPS Panjtirthi

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JAMMU: Anti-Terrorism Day was observed at JK Public School (JKPS) Panjtirthi. The objective of observing the day is to promote national harmony, mitigate terrorism, and unite people of all castes, creeds, and sex.
Mamta Gupta, the Celebration Incharge commenced the celebration by saying, “It is necessary to propagate the message of humanity and peace for a terrorism free Nation.”
Jakiians enacted a skit to portray that terrorism is a threat to the prosperity of Nation. Jakiians further highlighted the importance of being socially responsible citizen.
Jakiians emphasized that terrorism must be eradicated at any cost to promote social and economic prosperity of the country.
Jakiians highlighted the ill effects of violence and terrorism through motivating slogans.
The Principal of JKPS Panjtirthi, Suman Banbah gave special prizes to the Jakiians for different performances like Abheer Magotra was rewarded for the best banner of the slogan, Kavika Sharma was given prize for beautifully reciting a poem while Laiba Amreen was given prize for flawlessly delivering a speech on Anti Terrorism Day.
The Principal remarked, “Anti-Terrorism Day is to wean away the people from terrorism and violence.”
She further added, “We as citizens of India should observe each and every day as anti-terrorism day and remain aware about our surroundings and the happenings. We should Be alert, cautious and aware about our rights and duties as a citizen and this way we can help the nation fight the menace of terrorism.”
The Principal asked few questions from jakiians about the celebration and the winners were rewarded.

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