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Anti India & Pro-Pak a qualification to get job in J&K

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Mahadeep Singh Jamwal
The title sounds to be disturbing to a nationalist but this is the realty in J and K State. Ours is a State that had ever been witnessing anti-India campaigns, strikes, shutdowns in a particular region and this phenomenon has always kept the sentiments of anti nationals in high esteems not by the sane people of all the regions of the state but by vested interests and popular governments irrespective of the political party they belong. The recent player in the field since 2014 elections is the BJP unit of J and K fully supported by the party at the national level, always claiming to be a secular party but accommodating most un-secular element in its fold and apparently denying their statements branding as their personal view but providing full umbrella cover to them in the party fold. What a joke? The frenzy of Kashmir based political parties can be well understood even without digging into the much past, it is enough to visit the happenings in Valley in 2010 and 2016.
During the 2010 Kashmir unrest there was a series of protests and riots in the Kashmir Valley which started in June 2010 after the Indian Army claimed to have killed three Pakistani infiltrators but it was later revealed to be a case of a fake encounter, thus resulting in 112 deaths in the Valley in the unrest. This was followed by registration of cases against miscreants responsible for unrest by indulging in large scale stone pelting and arrests of number of such elements. The protests subsided after the Indian Government announced a package of measures aimed at defusing the tensions in September 2010. Later on J and K Government of NC, released 1,811 persons involved in cases of stone-pelting in the Valley under its amnesty scheme without caring the sentiments of the kith and kin of those killed by the direct/indirect actions of these released persons and throwing into the dustbin the rightful conclusion of cases registered under provisions of law. The persons getting amnesty were involved in 230 cases of stone pelting incidents causing huge loss to public property. A safe passage was worked out by the government to save itself from criticism by adding lines to the amnesty scheme that the amnesty will not be extended to those who were involved in arson and damage of public property. The amnesty policy was announced in the run up to Eid festival during holy month of Ramadan. It was not a decision of balanced mind but of particular frenzy of softness towards anti-national element.
The batons changed in 2014 from NC to PDP and the first praise for the successful elections from CM in wait, went for separatists, militants and mentors of terrorists from across the borders. This was in other words brushing away of all tiresome duties by the forces in smooth conclusion of free and fair elections as per the will of Election Commission. The PDP while taking over the reins of governance with the BJP, had expressed gratitude to separatists and Pakistan for allowing peaceful elections that led them to cradle of power.
The worst days for Jammuites begin to move from the day one, when 25 MLAs from BJP by winning accidentally emerged as representation from Jammu region. The BJP projecting itself as most secular party joined hands with a party of sympathisers of anti-nationals by ignoring the thanks giving of this party to separatists, militants and mentors of terrorists. It was the day one for BJP to roll into the blanket of PDP for power lust with most inexperienced first timer MLAs (except some switched over) occupying ministerial berths. But before some sop would have been doled out to anti- national element in the Valley, the Almighty snatched away the soft hearted CM by his untimely death.
On political scene, present CM Mehbooba emerged as next hope for the anti – nationals. Just without wasting much time after taking over as first lady CM, she did not lag behind to prove its sympathises with element booked for anti-national activities and ordered the release of left over stone pelters of 2010 un-rest on the same analogy of its predecessor government, the amnesty scheme on the eve of Eid celebrations. The tongue and tooth less BJP fully backed it as silent spectator. Majority of stone pelters were accommodated in Police Department and these guys brought shame to whole of the Police Department by their manners observed in
training centers at Kathua and Talwara in Reasi District. The sympathy statements of PDP CM and its endorsement by BJP brigade led
by Dy.CM of BJP regarding killing of Burhan failed to cool down the sentiments in the Valley and the occasion was fully utilised by separatist minds to create chaotic situation in the Valley and putting the entire Valley under their thumb which forced the BJP ministers to run away from Valley and to hibernate in Jammu leaving its coalition to deal with the situation.
(To be continued)

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