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Anti India & Pro-Pak a qualification to get job in J&K

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Mahadeep Singh Jamwal
This was expected as these BJP ministers were not tolerated even in Jammu how they would have been helpful in Valley. This also exposed the real face of BJP ministers as to their competency and courage to take on cards the testing time. The ever worst unrest in Valley claimed hundreds of deaths and blinding of hundreds of innocent people and injuring thousands from civil and forces sides. The lady CM tried to dictate its terms through batons but failed on all fronts to cool down the situation. Even stalwarts from Center again and again dashing in Valley in planes bringing with them coterie of MPs unfamiliar with Kashmir politics, failed to bring any relief and their visits proved to be just strolling in the lush green gardens of the Raj Bhavan. The immature lady CM proved to be a silent spectator and shedding crocodile tears at the bed side of a minor at Delhi fully left visionless and asking the people of Jammuites what she has done? According to official data 799 persons were arrested in the state from January 2015 to January 2016 for participating in such protests.
After great loss of lives, property and business claimed to be of Rs. 16,000 Cr, the unrest subsided as the sane people realised the game plan of separatists, huge loss to the business community and fruit growers and the serious sections of Kashmir society decided to defy the separatists calendar of ‘Bandh calls’. But BJP at the center not wasted even a second to get its credit by projecting that this all has happened because of demonetisation as funding to carry on anti-national activities has seized forgetting the recovery of new currency notes from slain militants in the Valley. The soft paddling CM not wasted a minute and compensated the Burhan family as a good will gesture.
Individualistic politics is again at lovemaking in Kashmir. The PDP almost on verge of neglect in the Valley and non acceptance of CM being taken as brand ambassador of propagating Nagpur agenda, a fresh package of amnesty to stone palters who have been booked by State Police for participating in anti-India and pro-freedom protests have been on priority announced for recurrence of the party and her image. The Chief Minister’s green signal to review the cases of stone-pelters, violence mongers and anti-national elements, who had virtually took over the mandate of the Valley for nearly five months is not less than a reward for being anti-national as Mehbooba Mufti’s government had registered 2,602 FIRs against anti-national elements and arrested 5,084 persons while 6,681 were still wanted in different cases of violence. This move is going to strengthen the allegations of human rights violation in Kashmir.This will automatically provide solace to more than six thousand wanted persons in registered criminal cases.
The decision of J and K Government to announce, ex-gratia worth five lakh and a government job to all those who were killed during four months long agitation in Kashmir Valley during 2016 has been remarked as an act to encourage those who were involved in waging a war against Indian state. The interesting part of the story does not end here but it is more glorified as BJP ministers in the coalition are party to this decision. It is time to deliberate upon, what will be the future of Jammuites in view of positive mentality towards anti-national element prevalent in the Valley and when State treasury is doled upon this fraternity by a dictatorial attitude of Kashmir centric political parties. More disturbing is the fact that BJP MLAs 25 in number and approximately half of them sharing ministerial birth in the Coalition Government have well established themselves as puppet to dance to the tunes of PDP there by plunging the Jammuites into a ditch. The Jammu region deprived of proper allocation of funds, employment opportunities and pulled down on all spheres already by Kashmir centric politics and worthless representation from Jammu just remaining deaf and dumb will never get the due share.
Concluding it will not be out of box to say that if one from Jammu region has to get his legal and authorised compensation from the government he has to run from pillar to post and to get job by an educated unemployed from Jammu, he has just to dream of it, but easy way to get undue compensation and job without any qualification he has to be anti India and pro-Pakistan and only required qualification is, he should have been indulging in anti-national and pro-Pak activities, expert in stone pelting and master in destroying and damaging government as well as private

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