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Animals are true friends of mankind

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Shiv Kumar Padha 

Save earth, save wild life, save environment” Are the slogans echoing in the nook and corner of the globe these days. Question arises, after all who is posing threat to our earth, wild life and environment? The answer to the question need not be sought from any where because it is man kind who is cutting the same branch of the tree on which it is sitting quietly and peacefully. The mankind, by its very nature, has been expansionist since evolution. Increasing population at global level and the need for meeting its requirements have compelled him to spread its tentacles on the land, in the deep oceans and the infinite space which has resulted in the global warming, greenhouse effect and depletion of ozone layer. The encroachment of the animal habitation by mankind has resulted in the extinction of many animal species like lions, white tiger, musk deer, black buck, Kail (Pashmina yielding) goat of Leh and Hangal (a deer found in Kashmir region). Cutting of forests for selfish purpose has brought with it extinction of many bird species like eagles, vultures (natural scavengers) and hawks (birds of prey).
There was a time when animals lived with human beings, peacefully and amicably confined to their respective territories. Their existence depended largely upon their coexistence and interdependence on the earth. Unlike present age the animals have always proved a true and sincere friend of mankind since time immemorial. According to first Shaloka of Geeta, ‘God descends on earth, whenever there is erosion of human values and evil forces dominate the noble one’s’. Our scriptures and epics have ample evidences about the descending of God (Vishnu) on the earth partially or completely in the shape of
In Sanatan Dharm (The oldest Dharm of mankind) the human beings and the animals lived in peace and harmony. It is true, but for the assistance and cooperation of the animal world our gods of the times could not have achieved the noble values and in liberating the life on the earth from the terror of evil forces. The animal world can be classified as aquatic (water animals), terrestrial (animals of land), aerial (birds) and amphibians (of water and land).
Our Vedas, Granths, Upnishad, Ramayan, Mahabharat, and all Puranas are full of examples about the successive births of Lord Vishnu on earth in different shapes and forms from time to time. Once Sankadi seers (Rishi) went to Vaikunth Dham (heaven) with the desire of having a glimpse of Shri Hari (God Vishnu) but they were checked and not allowed to enter the seventh gate by jay Vijay the ‘Parshads’ of the Dham.The seers could not pocket such insult and sent a curse upon them . As a result of curse these two ‘Parshads’ were born as the two sons of Kashyapmuni and mother Dakshputri Aditi with the names of Harnyaksh and Harnyakshap. Harnyakash, a powerful Daitya, in order to teach lesson to Devtaas (angels) sank the whole earth in the deep ocean which was later on brought back on the surface by Varha, pig like wild with rough hair and an incarnation of God Vishnu, with its snout. As per the commitment, God Varha vanished Harnyaksh from the soil and sent him to his abode. Out of 24 Avtars of lord Vishnu we come across with the Matsya avtar of god not only in ancient Aryan epics but also in sacred Bible. One day when Manu maharaj took fistful of water for Achman he noticed a new born fish in his palm. He wanted to put it back in the water but that small creature forbade him to do so till it grows too large to be contained in any water reservoir except the ocean with the fear lest the big creatures should swallow it and prayed for asylum. The little creature warned Manu Maharaj about the impending danger of tsunami and promised to help save the planet earth from the devastation and destruction caused by the tsunami in the coming centuries. As per the warning the planet earth started drowning in tsunami waters which tried to capsise Manu Maharaj’s boat but with the remembrance of god Matsya the whole danger of tsunami was avertd and the planet was saved from destruction foreve. God Kurm or Kashap (torotoise) came on earth for the purpose of bringing peace and harmony between Sur (angels) and Asur (devils).
(To be continued)

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