Should Dotted I.N.D.I.A, Quit India- Asks Bharat?

Er. P. L. Khushu

The creating of a new assumptive nomenclature of India, by some opposition political parties with dots in between, is a referral idiom, which conveys that all such political parties involved in evolving such a name under the banner of India, for exhibiting their unity, have doubtful dots , in between the alphabets creating the name of India as I.N..D.I.A, conveying enough doubts about their unity of purpose for which these political parties have ventured to come under one banner as an alternative not to NDA , but to Modi. It shows the dilemma of dots are existing between these various political parties, pretending to be one, for Modi fear. It equally shows that all these political parties are fully knowing that they cannot represent a unified India. Their dynastic bases, churned tongues and abundant corruption charges against most of them are haunting them to run from pillar to post as they did in the present case, while hobnobbing at Patna and then going for an excursion at Bangalore, followed by a similar marine drive in Maharashtra, as a sequel to drink, dine and dance, to satisfy their myopic illusion of being together for political sale amongst the people of India. Is there any buyer?
Coalitions in political set up’s are now becoming common compulsions and factors mostly for the politicians of heritage as such non politicians turned politicians through their dynastic legacy, consider themselves if not the Kings, but at least the ” Nawabas” of the day by birth. People of India know that who are the constituents of this dotted India. All these political parties are dynasty-based entities, trying to owe their political allegiance to rule the country or the states to which they belong to, considering it their decades old inheritances, which now stands shattered and demolished by Modi governments honest and a dedicated regime
The age-old cynical tendencies of dynastic rules coupled with the exploitations of the innocent electorate on cast, color and religion is an attempt to divide the nation on differential basis. This is being done by the chronic and die hard politicians of political lust and greed of this country which is coming to surface with the creation of situations like dotted I.N.D.I.A. Probably monarchial legacy is considered as the birthright of some of such self-nominated heir apparent personals of such political parties. Such political leaders have even go to all the extents of indecent politics, for purposes of garnering the votes on an anti national and a communal passion.
Is it a family linked political hunger of these political way wanderers, as they have lost power to rule? If the people of India have rejected them, who can help them. Most of them are on bails on different offences, mostly linkd to corrupt practices during their dynastic rules. This is how and why people of this nation ” Bharat”, have rejected them. Such rejoicing meetings only speak about their meaningless excursions without any results.
This conglomerate group of opportunist dynasty based people calling themselves as a I.N.D.I.A are projecting themselves as replacements to Modi and his NDA flock, least knowing that these people are already identified by the masses of India about their intentions by gathering together under a rough banner of false and distorted unity. They are all afraid of NDA coming back to power under the honest stewardship of Narindar Modi, who has pledged to act very strictly against the corrupt and corruption.
This vicious group is accusing that NDA and Modi has undermined various institutions of this country and are pushing India towards dictatorship. They allege during the ten year rule of the NDA the rich have become richer and the poor poorer. What a blind charge. Who does not know that the stability provided by the NDA government under the tall leadership of Modi has made India the fifth largest economy of the world from tenth position. Who does not know that Modi government has provided free food grains to people below the poverty line, expanded banking facilities to the poor, along with dealing with the COVID pandemic, with great success when India not only produced a vaccine for its own use but also met the needs of many countries of the world.
Having a look on the last 9 years of PM Modi government, the major achievements can be counted as under:-
Under the Swach Bharat & Jal Shakti schemes, PM Modi from his day one in office, has been stressing on sanitation, clean water, and end of open defecation. According to people, the government has succeeded in its mission of cleaning India and providing clean water to people. Under the Swachh Bharat mission, over 3 lakh villages have declared open defecation free, over 2.5 lakh villages have liquid waste management facilities, and almost 2 lakh have solid waste management arrangements. Several schemes have been launched under Jal Shakti to improve the availability and quality of water in the country.
Under various welfare successful schemes the major hall mark schemes of the Modi government, include the top 9 achievement in such lists. Schemes like the Ujjwala Scheme, Ayushman Bharat scheme, Housing scheme, monetary benefits given to farmers have benefited large number of people. Apart from these nine picked by most people, many also listed development and better inclusion of northeastern states, foreign policy, indigenization of the defence sector etc, as the major achievements of the govt.
Under Covid handling vaccines, during Corona virus pandemic the achievements of the Modi government was a great success and quite appreciative. It was appreciated across the country, as to how the government acted swiftly after the pandemic hit the country, and how several vaccines were developed in the country with active participation of the government. After that, the government of India ran world’s largest free immunization program, under which over 200 Crore doses of made-in-India Covid-19 vaccines have been administered. The Cowin platform developed to administer the vaccination program has been another success. The Covid pandemic also saw India becoming self-reliant in medical items like personal protection equipment, which mainly were imported earlier.
Abrogation of Article 370, along with Article 35A, the two articles in the Constitution of India that gave a special status to the former state of Jammu and Kashmir, is the other hallmark achievement of Modi government. The special status implied that Jammu and Kashmir was different from rest of the country, and was instrumental in fuelling separatism. Article 35A gave the state the right to determine who is a permanent resident of the state, which was added to the constitution by a presidential order, not by an amendment. Article 370 said that all the provisions of the Constitution of India do not apply to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, and had listed the provisions that applied. Along with this, the state of Jammu and Kashmir was also bifurcated into two union territories, Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh.
Another remarkable achievement of the government, according to social media users who listed top 9 achievements of the government, is the various steps taken by the Modi government for financial inclusion of people, most of those who were not associated with the banking system earlier. The Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile, has been one of the major successes of the government in bringing people into the formal financial system. Under Jan Dhan Yojana, almost 50 Crore people have got their bank accounts made. Apart from this, the Mudra loan scheme, and the Direct Benefit Transfer of subsidies are the other achievements in the sector.
Social media users have pointed out that India’s transformation into a digital economy, primarily led by UPI of the NCPI, is one of the major achievements of the government. Today, India leads in terms of using digital translations, where even roadside vendors accept digital payments even for very small amounts. Today UPI is the most successful payment system in the world, with millions and users and billions of transactions every month.
The Modi government has succeeded in reforming the financial system and improving the economy. Implementation of the GST was a major milestone, which made doing business much easier by removing several different taxes and included them in Goods and Services Tax. It also eliminated barriers to inter-state trade by removing taxes.
On the International front, India under Modi is fast becoming the fulcrum of the emerging world order. The transition of the world from a Unipolar world to a Multipolar global order and declining Multilateralism, has presented Modi with an opportunity to pitch for a bigger role for India in global leadership and governance. India matters today, as the world view’s India under Modi projects moderation, continuity, and a nuanced stance in foreign policy due to the stability in leadership. Under Modi, India has tried to carve its own path, at the same time joining the US-led Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) grouping to safeguard India’s interests in the Indo-Pacific region.
India also did not succumb to the pressure of US & the European Union to stop buying Russian oil during the Russia-Ukraine war, show casing the independent foreign policy being followed by her. In the UN also she did not toe the line followed by the US & the European Union & instead suggested a diplomatic route to find a solution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The stand taken by India, was endorsed by the delegates at the G-20 Summit at Bali in Indonesia.
These events thus endorse the fact of world leader status having been acquired by India under the Prime Minister ship of Narendra Modi. India, it can be said, has thus crossed a self-imposed constraint on her external stance and moved from denial to affirmation of its aspiration to be a major power.
It cannot be ignored that the G20 Leader Summit in New Delhi ended with an official address by PM Narendra Modi. In this India became a successful host of the first inaugural Voice of the Global South Summit, which allowed 125 countries to talk about their concerns and objectives. The principle of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam,” or “the world is one family,” is the most important lesson to be learned from the G20 leaders’ summit. This happened under the presidency of India of this G 20 Forum, when Modi is the prime minister of the real India, the Bharat.
Everyone concerned in real India, the Bharat, views this summit as India’s diplomatic milestone, with its G20 presidency serving as a platform to amplify the Global South’s concerns. At the Summit, India was able to leverage its economic significance to garner support from all G20 member nations for a “Leaders” Declaration, recognizing the conflict in Ukraine without specifying any aggressor.
Modi, who chaired the Summit, also advocated for reforming global institutions like the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), to align with the changing world dynamics, which received backing from the United States.
India’s successful Moon landing under the Chandrayaan-3 program, has been a big achievement of the real India, the Bharat, in the domain of space missions, when Moon landed on the south pole of Moon and became the first country to do so.
Are the preceptor dynastic based so-called members of this dotted I.N.D.1. A, full of doted visions with opaque visibility, shying away to recognize such a lucid growth of real INDIA (Bharat), under the leadership of Modi as the prime minister of India.
Why should not the people of real India, the Bharat curse and condemn their such moves to weaken the real India the Bharat, for their past personal vicious designs of again looting this country by their corrupt governance of dynastic bases and fan and lure their progenies and relatives, by looting the state exchequers, as they have been doing so during their past governances.
Probably the real India the Bharat, along with its development of hilarious sizes, may not ultimately force them to quit India. Quitting India may not mean going away from India, Yet, it may mean for these people to sit in isolation with perpetual calm. Yes, it may happen under the circumstances being created by the dotted I.N.D.I.A, for their nefarious designs of ultimately breaking the real INDIA, the BHARAT.

(The author is a chartered consultant civil engineer, passionately attached and devoted to his mother land – Jammu & Kashmir).

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