Save Birds: Save Environment

Tara Chand Bhagat

Through the columns of your esteemed paper, I would like to highlighting the following provisions of arrangement for drinking water for the winged world and wild animals living in the forest areas in the shape of ponds to be dug out as these tongue less animals have to bear the brunt of thirst due to non-availability of water during the summer season due to the extremity of heat waves with the ill-effects of global warming and climate change with every kind of water, air pollution being caused by all kinds of vehicles being experienced across the world also excessive usage of chemical fertilizers; very excessive use of plastics and plastic wares and the wastage of chemicals being emitted from the factories and mixing into water bodies everywhere in every country. These factors are very much responsible for causing its hazardous and detrimental effects not only upon humans but also being affected every kind of living beings and some of the species are going to be extincted.
So, the kind attention of the authorities concerned sitting at the helm of affairs is drawn towards the welfare of the winged world and other wild animals since these are also part and parcel for sustaining and maintaining balance of ecosystem of the natural environment. If any of these species becomes less the balance of the environment is lopsided. None else but human beings are responsible for this the urban human beings are deprived of lop siding the environment. Human beings, being superior to all the creations ought to be kind enough towards all other creations who are interdependent to one another for spending of the enjoyment of their precious lives in this world. The more we do welfare to the tongue less animals; the more our welfare is done. These days our Jammu city is transforming into smart city and smart city is incomplete unless and until there is also a facility of the provision of drinking water for animals considering it to be our moral duty as humans. As the winged world does a great welfare to the humans by spreading out the seeds of the most beneficial medicinal plants from one place to another.They also make the environment pleasant and appealing with their sweet voices like cuckoo’s during the summer season of May, June, and July followed by Pipeehas. Their colorful wings also fascinate the minds of small children and become source of attraction even when they sit among the small children while they are playing in the parks.
The winged world teaches us to live together; they never quarrel one another but live in a friendly atmosphere. Undoubtedly the Almighty God has made a provision of their food even then we must feed them from our own side. Every kind of benefit we gain from feeding birds. How beautifully Sadhguru Kabir Dass had said in his following couplet, Chidiya Chunch Bhar Le Gayi Ghattiyo Na Nadi Ka Neer; Daan Diya Dhan Na Ghattio Keh Gaye Dass Kabir.
We, as human beings must make a provision of drinking water to the birds who live around us at our every house atop the roof so that they may quench their thirst during heat waves of the hottest months of summer season. One who takes care of others; one is always taken care by Supreme Nature that nurtures us all. As we all are the children of the Almighty God. When nature gets angry none can get happy. To get happy is the only way to make all happy. These are words of every great saints who had glorified the past, the present, and the future. I love natural environment the most. It is the only democratic govt. which can take pity upon the little birds who have to fly off long journeys to be quenching their thirst during scorching and unbearable effects of extreme heat waves running at between plus 40 degrees Celsius these days.
As they have to be dependent upon human beings for sustaining their little lives.
It is out of place to mention here for the information of all humans that I have made a special provision of drinking water and feeding atop the roof of my house where all kinds of birds such as sparrows, bulbuls, qursars, crowns and other small black sparrows who enjoy rice and other grains.You will get surprised to hearing that these small birds recognise my face and do not fly over for fear of catching them.
So much is the love I have got for them. I consider them all my dear family members and get a peace of mind to the best satisfaction of service being done towards saving their precious lives who too are playing great contribution to saving the eco-system of the environment’s interdependence positively on the winged world is the most lovely , colourful and beautiful innocent creation of the Almighty God. It is very unfortunate that one time these birds were used to be the best friends of the humans; now the household sparrows have gone missing especially in urban dwelling sites thus giving a setback to ecology of the region as hardly one finds this species of bird in Jammu city or in its outskirts.
This is a big question that where these chirping little creatures have gone as there are no chances of any special things challenging their existence in the city. The experts who are not so sure to be clear; usually blame loss of their habitats are in the pucca houses for the extinction of these small creatures from Jammu city as new big buildings or houses lack nesting provisions. But this could not be the exact reason as still there are a good number of trees in the vicinity of Jammu city where these small birds could live and flourish their families. It is worthwhile to mention here that these small species can be saved by way of installing nest boxes, bird feeders, planting native plants and reducing use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Small insects play a very important role in the survival of newborn sparrows which have to be brought for by parent sparrows to feed their little ones.
There is still a big scope of hoping that these small chirping birds will come back soon but for this residents have to take some initiatives like making provisions for nests in their houses along with food provisions to these birds. These small steps can prove to be very useful or else the days are not far when the remaining bird species will also disappear from the scene. Through the medium of this article I appeal to all the Jammunities to kindly save sparrows to be seen for the next generation to come.

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