Relief to Customers welcome

Dear Editor,
The slashing of LPG price by Rs. 200/- by the Govt. has definitely come as a great relief to customers especially women. PM has decided to give out a gift on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. The move is surely going to ease the common man’s life to certain extent, if not fully. This move is ascribed as wooing the voters before the election to five state assemblies this year and 2024 -Lok Sabha elections. Whatever consideration, the Govt. might have in its mind; the crucial thing is that this has given some relief to the common man and middle class families. Any such relief coming to the common man is welcome and we expect that Govt. might consider slashing prices of LPG further to make it affordable to common man and middleclass families.
We need to understand that those in politics will always have eyes on electoral gains. Their actions and moves are primarily aimed at winning the hearts of people and veering them to vote for them at the time of hustling. This is a universal phenomena and applicable to all political parties whether in power or out of power. This is a big relief to consumers that must be hailed. If our common man is somewhat relieved from the scourge of price rise, it’s certainly appreciable.
In case, everything goes on smoothly and the system of deciding prices of essential commodities on monthly basis including LPG as well as petrol and diesel, then what issues would be left with political parties to woo voters at the time of elections? Thus, we need to be pragmatic and accept the reality of government functioning.
Is not opposition proposing to provide LPG Gas Cylinder at Rs. 500/- in case they return to power is a move aimed at wooing voters and bettering their prospects in the coming state or Parliamentary elections? Public welfare ought to be the priority of any Govt. as they are one hit the most owing to high prices of essential commodities of daily consumption/ use.
Ravi Sharma, Dhariwal

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