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The significant Supreme Court judgment on Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) must be hailed. The petitioners NGO-Association for Democratic Reforms Abhay Bhakchand Chhajed and Arun Kumar Aggarwal and the opposition parties are probably shocked over the judgment. The judgment is a slap for anti-EVM lobby. Finding no fault in the machine, the top court rejected the pleas seeking 100 per cent verification of EVM-VVPAT. The opposition parties, Congress and RJD in particular, are very much disappointed for missing the opportunities for booth capturing. Much to the chagrin of the opposition parties, the top court has ruled out the return of the ballot papers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the opposition to apologize to the nation. That is not necessary. If still the opposition is doubtful on the EVM and if it wants election through ballot papers, the centre has to agree to conduct the re-election in the opposition party ruled states. It cannot be to the satisfaction of the opposition parties to come to power on the basis of the results obtained from the EVMs. This can be done whenever the opposition parties win the elections by the use of EVMs. The Supreme Court has mocked the blind distrust over EVMs. The opposition parties ire is not directed more against the EVMs. They are giving vent to their anger against the Modi government on one pretext or the other. The malicious propaganda against the EVMs was intended to mislead the people. Noted jurist Mahesh Jethamalani has slammed anti-EVM lobby. More shocking to the opposition is that the Supreme Court insisted that the election should be conducted by using the EVMs only. The judgment on EVMS adds to the fleet of the loss of legal battle fought by the opposition parties against the NDA government. The opposition parties took to court the cases of Adhaar (upheld the Adhaar Act), Triple Talaq (held unconstitutional), Rafale (concluded that there was no corruption), Demonetisation (upheld by 4:1 majority), GST (held writ not maintainable), CAA (in court) , Ram Mandir (title was transferred to the Hindu outfit), Gujarat riots (Modi was exonerated), Central Vista (case dismissed), PMLA (upheld the Constitutional validity), UAPA (held membership with the banned organization is crime) , Article 370 (upheld the abolition), New Parliament Building (PIL seeking the President to inaugurate the building dismissed), Reservation for economically backward sections (upheld). The opposition parties bid to create obstacles to run the government by Modi has not met with success. With the Supreme Court judgment on EVMs, the controversy over the machines has been set at rest.
K.V. Seetharamaiah

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