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American ploy

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Amidst simmering tension between India and Pakistan after shelling across the border, the United States giving clean chit to Pakistan and now encourages dialogue between the two South Asian neighbours is somewhat baffling. It looks as if America itself does not know what it wants. This bolstered Pakistan to resort to firing  heavy mortars targeting around 50 villages in Kathua and Samaba sector forcing more than 10,000 civilians to move out to safer places. The Americans stands exposed by their recent gesture of issuing clean chit to Pakistan. America must be finding relieved of a peaceful exit from Afghanistan and the futility of fighting other’s war.  The American stand was never India-favour except when it wants to revive its defence and automotive industries. Now with oil touching all time low of below $55 per barrel and reserves swelling at home, Americans find fighting other’s war as a futile exercise as to eliminate terrorism.  The vacuum it leaves behind after moving out of Afghanistan would never be good for the continent, middle east, Pakistan, Afghanistan where terrorism has grown out of proportion and targeting India directly. The vacillating American stand has further added to the confusion. Till their exit from Afghanistan, they wanted India, which was evident from the bonhomie of Narendra Modi US visit. America should see reason in giving clean chit to Pakistan and now encouraging a dialog between two neighbours. India’s protest against American move looks comical. As far as handling of 26/11, India has given enough evidence to keep Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi in jail and convict him but he has been out on bail. The Pakistan Court discounted all evidence given by India besides collected by its own Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) within a couple of weeks after the Mumbai attacks. If Pakistan wants to say there is not enough evidence against Lakhvi it is only trying to brazen out  of responsibility of brining perpetrators of 26/11 attacks. Under such circumstances America asking both the countries to hold talks is a deceptive move and by saying this whom that country is trying to fool?

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