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AIIMS ROW: Candle light march from Parade to Raghunath Bazaar on June 5

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JAMMU: Chairman of AIIMS Coordination Committee and President of J&K High Court Bar Association, Jammu, Abhinav Sharma, on Tuesday announced the programme for ‘forcing the authorities’ in the State and at the Centre, to establish the sanctioned AIIMS in Jammu and an earlier completion of the Tawi artificial lake project.
Announcing the programme, Abhinav Sharma said the general public will assemble at Parade Ground in front of Brahman Sabha and from there the candle light protest procession will start at 7:00 PM on Friday the June 05, 2015.
Saying the procession will cover the old city and culminate at Raghunnath Bazar, he appealed the people of Jammu, including the youth and womenfolk, to reach Parade Ground on time.
The Coordination Committee’s Chairman said that a full scale mass movement in Jammu has become a historical necessity to teach the anti-Jammu forces a lesson so that none in the future could dare perpetrate any kind of injustice on the people of Jammu Province. He regretted that the people of Jammu Province have to agitate every time to obtain their due share in the governance and developmental activities. He said it was after a long-drawn struggle that the people of Jammu Province got University of Jammu, Medical College, Engineering College, Dental College, Agricultural University, Central University and few additional districts. He said, had the Jammu leadership appreciated its own constituency and their concerns and needs like the Kashmir leadership has been doing since 1947, the plight of people of Jammu Province would not have been pathetic as it is today. He regretted that the people of Jammu Province, who contribute more than 70 per cent of the revenue annually to the State exchequer, have been let down by their own representatives. Sharma appealed to the people of Jammu Province, cutting across the party lines and religious denomination, to join hands to fight out the anti Jammu forces. “The people of Jammu have been left with no alternative but to launch a massive movement to produce the moral effect and create an environment that would deter the vindictive and biased authorities from doing any injustice to the people of Jammu in the future”, he maintained.

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