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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be seen as both friend and foe depending on the context and the way it is used. AI technologies can make boring tasks more efficient by automating them.
The applications of AI are vast and varied, ranging from healthcare and finance to transportation, entertainment, and more. Such as self-driving vehicles, AI-powered assistants, facial recognition, recommendation systems, robotics, etc.
One of the most popular AI applications nowadays is ChatGPT, a software that answers questions as users type them, giving a very human-like answer.
As AI makes it easier to automate certain tasks, people worry about job losses and potential unemployment, especially in industries that rely heavily on manual work or repetitive tasks.
AI systems can be hacked or altered, which can lead to security threats and misuse of AI-powered technologies.
Artificial intelligence has revolutionized various industries and continues to grow rapidly. However, the ethical considerations and potential risks associated with AI must be taken into account in order to ensure its responsible and beneficial use.

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