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Abrogation of Art 370: Curse or blessing for Jammu?

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Contrarian views are the essence of democracy. It is in this spirit, the opinion leaders, including politicians and professionals are expressing their views over the debate initiated by STATE TIMES. Opinions are pouring in with encouraging feedback from the esteemed readers, over an issue, which has changed the political landscape of Jammu and Kashmir.

Er. Jitender Kohli, Sr. columnist, former Press Secretary, VHP Unit J&K: Post 5th August 2019 the Modi led NDA has expedited development programmes.. Though the COVID-19 has hampered the progress but development is at galore. It is for the first time that India could hold China ‘s aggression by regaining those mountain heights which we lost in 1962, now; we dominate forcing them to talk. Border infrastructure has got impetus.
The POK Refugees, displaced from West Punjab and the daughters of the erstwhile state including their kids are the immediate beneficiaries from the Jammu Province.
The Jammu leaders, who were crying for discrimination with Jammu Province are not expressing their depressed feeling because of bifurcation of JK State in to two UTs disrespecting Dogra Rulers achievements. Have these people practically fought for defending Dogra Historical Structure turning to ruins? Have they opposed a ceiling on delimitation in the State Assembly? Have Congress or NPP came out of the alliance with NC or PDP on discrimination of Jammu province, not at all. These leaders are seeking further bifurcation of J&K UT to let Kashmir as UT and Jammu province as state. Opposing bifurcation and seeking further bifurcation is with vested interest or what? Are they happy in doling Kashmir valley, part of Dogra regime, to separatists and their political arms? This haste is not helping Jammu province, not the J&K UT on the whole. Stand with the National mainstream ideology to ensure the benefits by abrogation of Art 370 to J&K and Ladakh UTs. Recall the PM had assured as soon as the peace was restored the J&K UT may be elevated to State status. Whatever PM Modi says is done by him, so trust him.

Ravail Parihar, Research Scholar, JU: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is known as Iron Man of India due to his contribution in integration of princely states with the country after Independence but due to certain circumstances he was not able to integrate Jammu and Kashmir with India.
Later, some politicians played dirty politics for their benefits and inserted Article 370 in the Indian Constitution with the help of then Prime Minister and President of India without passing the Bill in Parliament. This Article was a curse for the people of Jammu and Kashmir except a few politicians who were using it for their own ‘progress and development’. When the Modi Government came into power at Centre, it abrogated Article 370 and 35A which proved as a boon as people of erstwhile Jammu & Kashmir State get the opportunity to take advantage of development and enter into mainstream with rest of the country.
In a democratic country, “Do Nishaan, Do Savidhaan and Do Pradhaan” were not beneficial for the progress and development of J&K State turned Union Territory. It was a source of corruption in the hands of politicians and due to this reason J&K was tagged as the second most corrupt State of India. The people are of the view that whatever Government of India will do, it will be beneficial for the welfare, progress and development of the people of J&K, irrespective of any caste, region, religion and gender.

Advocate Leena Devi, J&K High Court: There is no doubt in saying that abrogation of Article 370 and 35A was a significant decision taken by the Central Government last year but the people in Jammu and Kashmir have to face both benefits and drawbacks of this historical constitutional change.
Before the abolition of Article 370 and 35A, the West Pakistan Refugees were not having State Subjects rights and they were not eligible to apply for government jobs. They were not also eligible to cast vote in Assembly elections and purchase land in erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir. They were residing as tenants across the Union Territory.
Moreover, the anti-national politicians have lost ground in J&K and are wandering high and dry.
The major drawback is that the decision will increase pressure on the Government jobs, as the local unemployed will have to compete with candidates from all over the country.

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