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Abandon path of violence, embrace opportunities for growth & prosperity: Gaurav

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Urges Govt to revoke voting rights, welfare benefits for supporters of terrorism, stone pelters


JAMMU: Gaurav Gupta, former General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jammu, has expressed strong support for the recent statement made by Union Home Minister Amit Shah regarding the stringent measures against terrorists and stone pelters in Jammu and Kashmir.
In a statement issued here today, Gaurav lauded the Union Home Minister Amit Shah for giving a clear-cut message to the people of the Kashmir Valley that the time has come to shun the path of destruction and join the mainstream.
Amit Shah’s announcement that no family member of a terrorist or close relative of a stone pelter will be eligible for government jobs is a bold and necessary step towards eradicating the terror ecosystem that has plagued the region for decades.
Gaurav emphasized that the Modi Government’s commitment to targeting not just the terrorists but also the networks and support systems that sustain them is evident in the significant reduction of terror incidents in Jammu and Kashmir. The decline in terrorist activities, encounters, and civilian casualties is a testament to the effectiveness of the Union Government’s policies, he added.
Gaurav stated that it is a fact that the policies of the Modi Government have transformed the entire Kashmir region, which previously witnessed hartals, stone pelting, strike culture, and bandhs. Today, Kashmir is flourishing with tourists, and as per media reports, hotels in the Kashmir region are fully booked for upto next three months.
He emphasized that this drastic change highlights the positive impact of the government’s policies, and he questioned what more the people of Kashmir could want from the government given the current progress and stability.
Gaurav urged the government of J&K to revoke the voting rights and benefits of government welfare schemes for those supporting terrorism and stone-pelting in the Union Territory. He believes that such measures are necessary to reinforce the message that supporting or engaging in terrorism will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
Gaurav Gupta reiterated his support for Amit Shah’s firm and resolute policies, which are essential for the continued peace and development of Jammu and Kashmir. He urged the people of Valley to abandon the path of violence and embrace the opportunities for growth and prosperity offered by the mainstream.

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