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A distant dream

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Literacy is still a distant dream for many in India. Going by the pace of development it will take another five decades to achieve respectable female youth literacy percentage. Empowerment of women through education and equal opportunities for them has been there for quite a longtime but when it comes to ground realities the actual picture differs from the statistics doled out by governments time-to-time. A serious gender imbalance in education sector has left a large section of women in lower and middle income segment of the society unable to read a single sentence in any language. This could be one of the main reasons why literacy gets relegated especially in rural areas it can also be attributed to low school attendance of girl child. The dismal picture of women literacy casts shadow over the future of next  generation. Literate women in any society are a boon  and can work as a game changer. They have better sense of judgement and guiding power than many of the better placed. Earlier days when joint families existed elderly woman of the households had a big role to play in moulding a child’s future. They were the great agents of change who left long-lasting impression on the life of young minds. Now with nuclear family norm coming into existence and the race for economic one-upmanship the   knowledge sharing process through storytelling, folklore narrations have become alien to the present generations. There is nothing surprising for the widening literacy gap among the women section of the society because today technology is the driver and it has taken the toll of human touch. The fate is clearly visible.

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