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2020: Year of great losses

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Year 2020 would be remembered for its ominous occurrences and incidents. Entire world has suffered a lot due to pandemic attack of COVID-19.No doubt it was a great challenge for us in this modern era as, we have never seen such kind of devastation at world platform. It was a big question mark over our advancement and modernisation. Many advanced nations of the world who were in misconception that nothing is above and beyond their knowledge, now are in gloom and humiliation. This tragedy of COVID pandemic shows that still we are very helpless and feeble in front of nature and it’s infinitesimal existence. We had lost so many precious livse due to this man-made cum natural devastation. Almost entire nation of the world is suffering from this unexpected tragedy. We had lost so many important personalities and millions of precious lives in 2020.Corona pandemic has engulfed lot of eminent personalities from the world across from us. Even in India we have lost so many precious celebrities, political leaders and other important persons in 2020. Many Indian celebrities passed away during the corona period in India. From in bollywood we have lost the veteran actor from Kapoors family i.e., Rishi Kapoor, who was a great actor of India cinema. We also lost the most popular and veteran actor Irfan Khan during this COVID period. Similarly SP Balasubharmanium, music legend pandit jasraj,famous cricketer and politician Chetan Chouhan, Saroj Khan a noted choreographer, popular Kanada actor Chirnjivi, music director Wajid Khan, great poet and lyricist Rahat Indoori,veteran bollywood actor Kumkum, famous actor Jagdeep popularly known as soorma bhopali, famous choreographer Saroj Khan had lost their precious life in 2020, popular actor Sushant Singh Rajput suicide tragedy also came in limelight during this year. Sidewise we have lost the great politician and former president of India Pranav Mukerjee in the same year. Even from Jammu and Kashmir we have lost our great sons of soil Madam Lal Sharma (former MP) and Thakhur Rashpaul singh (former MLA) from Kalakote constituency. Not only in India at world platform we have lost so many precious life of important personalities of the world. Sudden demise of the world superstar footballer Maradona has shook the world in this year. Many other eminent personalities of the world has lot their lives in this year. In India due to COVID pandemic at least 147000 people died so far in different corners of the country. Still this figure is increasing day by day. At world platform millions of people had lost their lives due to this pandemic. Besides the precious loss of human lives, this year would be also remember for the great economic loss. Almost all the countries of the world suffered from the unpredictable economic and trade loss. Even the world’s top economies are suffering from the havoc of this virus. Millions of people have lost their job and profession in different private as well as other corporate sector. Student are facing the most crucial crisis of their life at present moment. Due to lockdown like scenario in the entire globe all the students, trainees, artists and other skilled people have lost their indispensable and valuable period of life. Labour class is suffering from the problem of migration and un-employment. Various sports activities including the world famous Olympic event were postponed due to outbreak of this viral infection.It was a big shock for the players and sport lover audience across the world. Many important cultural, national and religious celebration got a major setback in this year due to freezing of any kind of congressional activity. No doubt the entire world is in chaos, gloom and in depression. It is just like a situation of renaissance period. We are going through a transational phase where everybody is trying to adjust with this new design of life and living. However we have learnt a lot of new lessons from this tragedy .We have learnt that there is an urgent need to think and act unitedly for global problems. No doubt in this era of globalisation everybody is giving priority to its own concerns and issues. But there are some challenges and barrier from which we can overcome only when we think unitedly. No nation of the world is strong and advance enough to tackle such issues in an isolated manner.We have also learnt the ways of our healthy and proper living. Healthy hygiene habits and cleanliness is very mandatory to get rid from such kind of devastation. No doubt it’s not merely a lost year but a year of losses. Lack of unity and compassion can be seen everywhere in tackling this challenge in different nations of the world. We were busy in blame game and criticism policy rather than focusing on this issue with collaborative spirit. There is an urgent need to think and act globally in such kind of matter. No doubt the losses are great and irreparable. Now, we are going to enter into a new year with a new vision, mindset and with new resolutions. Hopefully the coming year will definitely change the condition and life of people on this planet, but the bitter experiences of 2020 will remain in our memory. We are still looking with dual perspective i.e Fear and Hope. Fear for the continuation of same devastation in next year and Hope for the speedy recovery from this devastation soon.
Shyam Sudan

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