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Separatists responsible for death, destruction in Valley

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 Ravinder Jalali

Hizbul Mujahidin’s south Kashmir commander, who was carrying a reward of rupees ten lakh, was killed recently along with two of his accomplices. Burhan Wani was most wanted militant in Kashmir and he himself posted videos on social networking sites including Face book to radicalise youths to join the militancy. So his death, as described by the Congress leader Gh. Nabi Azad, was expected at any time because the ultimate end of any person confronting the forces is self liquidating even it may cause forces to loose some or more men. The separatists have given a call for complete shutdown as usual and the response was as expected but the protests claimed lives in fierce confrontation and stone pelting.
There was complete chaos in Valley as protesters defied curfew restrictions. The injuries took place on both the sides. But the fact of the matter is to know who instigates and who benefits from these violence’s. There is no doubt that the violence is sponsored and supported by the Pakistan and ISI through their paid agents in Srinagar like Geelani, Omar Farooq, Yasin Malik and other separatist groups. It only provides fodder to these separatists.
I fail to understand when these young people will examine critically the fate of these sponsored violent incidents, and the status of the separatists. I would like to ask these young people as to how many children of these separatists are in the direct fight against the forces. If these leaders would have genuinely and honestly sought the so called freedom or merger with Pakistan, they could have led from the front and faced the bullets but they chose to instigate the poor masses and on the dead bodies of these boys they bake their politics and earn their bread and butter.
Syed Ali Shah Geelani enjoys the summer of Srinagar and during harsh winters he moves to Indian capital Delhi, against whom he speaks venom. He enjoys the free medical treatment, free stay in Delhi at the cost of Indian tax payer. Both his elder son Nayeem and his daughter-in-law are doctors in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. His second son, Zahoor, lives in New Delhi. Izhaar, his grandson, is a crew member of a private airliner in India, while his daughter Farhat is a teacher in Jeddah. None of the kith and Kin of the separatists like Omar Farooq and Yasin Malik are directly involved in stone pelting or taking to guns. I would like to ask the youth to introspect as to why no sons and daughters of these separatists or so called mainstream politicians whether MLAs, MPs and MLCs, come on the roads and pelt stones. I would like to remind the people that during worst floods of 2014 in Srinagar and other areas, the son of Congress leader Saifudin Soz was first to leave Srinagar and reach Delhi. People of Kashmir must understand that the killing of people in Kashmir make them relevant and make them busy. It is the separatists, who do not want to settle the issue because once the issue is resolved they will become redundant and have to close their shops. I do not need to go into the details of the finances of these separatists but by simply going by their profile before onset of militancy and now, it is clear that they have amassed a lot of money and have ruined the natural resourses of Kashmir while as the common men have suffered immensely. Omar Abdullah, who shamelessly says that the death of Wani is not the end but will produce many Burhans, is clear indication of providing support to militancy. I would like to ask the former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah that why he has not inducted his two children into the militancy and provoking only innocent youth of Kashmir, who have been exploited since long. He must not forget 2010 when more than 100 people died in clashes and should not give sermons to Mehbooba. At least we must appreciate the Congress leader Gh. Nabi Azad for standing up right and calling a spade a spade by congratulating the forces on this victory and accepted that the Burwan Wani was a terrorist. Congress also termed the mourning of Burhan as unfortunate. The fact of the matter is that it is not any other body saying that he was a militant but he himself proclaimed to be self style leader of HM and a militant.
With the statements of Nawaz Sharief and Pakistani Army Chief it is now confirmed that Pakistan is directly interfering in the affairs of Kashmir. It also confirms that the Pakistan is directly sponsoring terrorism in the name of freedom struggle of Kashmir.
Now the question is who is responsible for these deaths? This is the question which every Kashmiri has to ask himself and if try to find the answer honestly it is the separatists who have nothing to loose but only to win and only win. They have nothing at stake. Their children are well settled and safe as they do not participate in these riots sponsored by Pakistan by making huge payments to these separatists. The children of Dukhtarni Millat are not participating. Her one son is in Malaysia and another is studying in a school in Srinagar. Nobody asks her why her children are not participating.
It was reported in the newspapers that Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh met a group of Imams who urged him to help restore calm in the Kashmir Valley. The Imams told Singh that they would be meeting J and K Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti and local clerics of the State in an attempt to help bring calm in the Valley. If it is true then it is dangerous. Actually they wanted to have sojourn in Kashmir in view of the scorching heat in plains and enjoy local Wazwan at the Govt. exchequer. It shows that the Union Govt. has no clear policy towards Kashmir and is confused. May be the advisors on Kashmir issue, are themselves ignorant about the Kashmir. The government must understand that it is these Imams who are also responsible for this mess. These are the same Imams who preach and practice Jihad from mosques and air inflammatory and hatred speeches. Needless to mention is that most of the Imams who control mosques are from UP and Bihar and they are the same people who are responsible for partition. I wonder if Kashmir has no Imams who can lead them in prayers and educate them on Islam. It is through these Imams that the youth are radicalised and instigated to join militant ranks and follow radical Islam which has no base in Kashmir so far.
I also wonder why these leaders are arrested or put under house arrest when they want to lead the masses. At least they should also feel the pain of stone or bullet or Lathi and then only they will wish for peace. These house arrests are nothing but guest houses just to protect these leaders and where they are free to access any where and talk to anybody. Recently Omar Farooq ,who was under house arrest was able to put his view point across the nation which he can not dream in any other country , not to talk of Islamic country, of which he boasts.

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