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Concern over current violence in Kashmir

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Dr. Kuldeep Singh

We the resident of Jand K are totally shattered over the current situation prevailing in Srinagar. Before killing of Burhan Wani, we never have heard his name. His name got popular as Hizbul Muzahidin Commander after killing carrying rupees ten lakh award on his head.
Late Wani just 21 years old, how has he shot into prominence overnight as commander of terrorist organisation? It is not digestible. This revolt is from within the State. Youth like Wani if indulge in unlawful activities, are required to be identified by the society in the very beginning and subjected to all constitutional measures to reform before they become dreaded. All this requires the framing of guidelines and proper implementation.
There may be many more young boys in the pipeline like Burhan Wani, they are required to be identified and rehabilitated before turn dreaded.
All this speaks the lack of leadership and its connectivity deep into the society of the State. Leadership crisis is all over that is why the life on the planet is in dangers on various counts such as- natural disasters from under the earth [earthquakes]; on the earth [pollution]- terrorism- moral degradation etc.; and above the earth from sky in form of cloud bursts.
Since the killing of Burhan Wani, Kashmir is burning. As per report dated 16th July 2016, toll has mounted to 42 during the week long violence. Such reports are very disturbing.
Muzaffar Hussain Beigh is a big name among the legal luminaries, belonging to ruling PDP and currently the Member Parliament. According to him quoting the statement of an army official who had said operation against Wani was completed in three minutes, how the standard procedures laid down by Apex Court can be completed in three minutes.
State Times dated 15th July, 2016 reports the statement of Beigh that the judgment of SC in response to Nagaland Human Rights Forum’s petition, is violated in Burhan’s killing. According to army, the operation ended in 3.5 minutes.
The Constitution Bench which consisted of five Judges and headed by Chief Justice has given the judgment about the Standard Operation Procedure [SOP] how to carry an operation even when AFSPA is in force.
When army or police goes for any operation they have to take a Magistrate along with; in presence of Magistrate the militants have to be appealed in local language to surrender; if they refuse to surrender then teargas is used in the place of hiding forcing them to leave; if they do do not comply with, the militants are warned again and again; then thereafter the forces have to shoot them on lower parts of the body.
This is all legal and we are incompetent to comment on legal versions. But mostly in such operations we have found that militants dodge the forces and escape. It is for the first time the militant carrying rupees ten lakh award on head is shot dead without any casuality to forces involved in operation.
Killing of militants and also the forces involved is going on in J and K much before partition and it is still continued today. Our neighbour country always glorify the killing of militants projecting them the heroes since partition. Now Burhan Wani’s killing is being observed as black day in Pakistan.
All this is politics. J and K on both sides is disturbed because of militants. Many deadly attacks have taken place in Pak also. None of the leaders behind all this militant caused troubles is affected yet. The leaders have sent their own wards for higher studies abroad keeping them away and safe from these troubles. But the leaders have used the common man to cause the troubles.
We hope the masses understand that their well being is linked with collective will to isolate the militants and ignore the calls of these leaders. Let there be peace on both sides of LoC, it is our earnest desire.

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