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BWF plans to transform badminton into beach sport

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KUNSHAN: The Badminton World Federation (BWF) today said it plans to explore “exciting and innovative” prospects to transform badminton into an beach sport and also bring the sport in the e-gaming platform. The decision was made at the world-governing body council meeting here, which is now engaging with various stakeholders to propel badminton in these directions.
The world-governing body has decided to collaborate with some of the first beach tournaments in which badminton will be tested and played later this year such as the Asian Beach Games and Russia’s National Beach Games.
“The feedback from such events will certainly help as we look to develop this genre of badminton. There are legions of athletes and fans who are into outdoor sport, some beach sport particularly. It’s an area that’s very attractive commercially,” said BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer. “There are a lot of technical aspects we have to get right, especially with the shuttle. We have to look at these things first but we are committed to taking badminton outdoors.
“The internet and social media have challenged our imagination with regards to sport and the e-gaming evolution is constantly re-writing the possibilities of what can be done with and through sport,” he said, citing plans for an e-gaming version of the next month’s Olympics. (PTI)

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