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Let PDP stop blackmailing New Delhi!

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Ravinder Jalali

In a recent meeting between Ram Madhav of BJP and Mehbooba Mufti of PDP, Mehbooba formally conveyed the list of CBMs and wants time frame for the same. Why she wants assurances from Centre? The Agenda of Alliance is already there which has the approval of her father late Mufti Mohd Syeed, on the basis of which they have formed an alliance with BJP. Since Mehbooba wants to take the vision of her father forward, there should not have been any delay in the formation of Govt. Since both the BJP and PDP seem to be in no hurry to form the Govt. Governor rule has been implemented in J and K from 2ndFebruary. The Governor N. N Vohra has now appointed two Advisors namely Parvez Dewan and Khurshid Ahmed Ganai. Now the budget session of Parliament has commenced from 23rd of Feb. and PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti decided to attend the Parliament is a clear indication that PDP is not in a hurry in Govt. formation.
First of all State should not have remained without a Chief Minister. Why a state having a Dy. Chief Minister, remains without the CM in the absence of CM? After all what is then the use of having a Dy. Chief Minister? If he can not act or assume the power of CM in his absence, whether it may be due the sudden incapacitation or being away from headquarter, then what is the use of nominating or appointing Dy. CM. Is it just holding up a lollypop to ruling alliance or for ostentatious reasons?
Mehbooba repeatedly says that she wants assurances from the GoI, does it construe that there was any mistrust and Coalition Govt. has failed and not delivered results during the time of her father? She says that she needs to have the goodwill as enjoyed by his father and at the same time she admits that there was no problem regarding the funds from the Centre. PM Narinder Modi takes special interest in the development of J and K. No other PM in the past has ever paid so many visits to J and K as Modi. This shows how much importance and concern PM has for the State. This has been accepted by her as well as her father several times. PDP has been offered the post of CM for full term of six years. Agenda of Alliance is already towards Kashmir which has become adverse for Jammu region as well as for BJP in Jammu. Agenda of Alliance has already cost BJP much as the people of Jammu feel that it has little or nothing for Jammu when compared to Kashmir and still PDP is not satisfied and wants more concessions and further assurances from Centre.
Finally it seems that all is not well in PDP. Both the MPs from PDP other than Mehbooba have missed so many meetings of PDP. PDP is worried on account of facing the electorate in case of fresh elections which no body wants. The fact of the matter is the PDP may face the wrath of people of Valley for wrapping up with BJP in coalition as the people of Valley voted in large numbers in favour of PDP to keep BJP out of power. The mood at the time of last Assembly election was that BJP was contesting many seats from the Valley and had their been boycott call from separatists in Valley, there seems to have been possible for BJP to win some seats in Kashmir ,which would have helped BJP to form a Govt of their own in J and K. It would have been a history and to stop BJP from coming to power, separatists withdrew their boycott call, rather asked the people to vote for PDP just to keep BJP away because PDP is the party that has taken birth out of the womb of militancy. Interestingly after the last Assembly election was over, the then CM Mufti Mohd. Syed thanked the Huriyat, separatists and militants for smooth conduct of elections.
Agenda of Alliance is already tilted towards PDP and Kashmir and it is BJP which had to face the ire of Jammuites. Chief Ministership given to PDP for full six years with out rotation as it happened in 2002 with Congress while as the number of MLAs of both the parties is almost equal. Number of Cabinet Ministers are more from PDP than BJP. Important portfolios like Home and Finance are with PDP. For consolation and ostentatious reasons Dy. CM post was given to BJP which has proved hollow in the wake of demise of CM.
Recently CPI(M) MLA Tarigami has termed the situation as political instability and said that it has left the people in distress but the fact of the matter is that it is not the people of State but the politicians who are in distress because the doors of corruption have become inaccessible to them. It is our political system that breeds and encourages the corruption. The people of State may feel better under Governors rule as compared to the so called popular rule in the name of democracy. Even if there is corruption it will be minimal because instead of 86 MLAs and MLCs there are only a few advisors. For ordinary people let Governor rule stays. It is the golden period for a common man. Who can forget the Governors’ rule of Jag Mohan from 1984 to 1989.
PDP is now waiting for the Centre’s response to CBMs and at the same time wants people to be ready for either government formation or polls. She has enough in Agenda of Alliance. It is only pressure tactics Mehbooba is building with ulterior motive to which the Central Govt. should not succumb. It will be always anti-India and anti-Jammu, pro separatists and Pro Pak. She cannot afford to have elections because she has eroded her base in Valley and in Jammu it has no takers. Now she has to prove that she is close to separatists and push forward their agenda to remain relevant in Kashmir politics. Moreover major part of the Assembly term is still to go i.e. 5 years. The PMs package of Rs 80,000 crore is also the consideration for Govt. formation. Booty is yet to come and looting is in waiting. The kingdom is ready and she is only to be coronated while going to polls at this juncture will not be easy. But riding will not be smooth because it will be like riding Indian horse and dancing to the tune of separatists’ music. Since PDP is Valley based party and to be popular in Valley it has to be anti -India or Pro -Pakistan otherwise it will face heat.
(The writer is a Social Activist and Convenor, Democratic Pannun Kashmir. )

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