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What they plan to get good for the State

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Er. Jitender Kohli

Political opposition to governing group is the necessity and beauty of the democracy if it behaves within the constitutional and moral responsibilities. The opposition must come out with their suggestions for the national development and common interests along the government Bills in Parliament. The suggestions are the proposal what they desired or would have done if in power. It does not mean that their suggestions are to suppress the government proposals. The government is elected by the voters for their ideologies to provide time to implement.
The opposition is to run parallel proposals which must be kept in view and if appeals and convinces, government can adopt or kept in record to review if the government proposals fail to result for the national benefit. The government has the first right to go ahead with its proposals and the opposition has no authority to block the Bill of the national developments and interests.
The Parliament business can’t be stalled by the opposition for want of opposition on any issue or non-issue and are supposed to work for the nation. Two or three days should be kept for those issues which the opposition desires to discuss and rest days they are bound to assist the Parliament business.
Unfortunately the political parties have mostly turned as personal companies of particular families at the national and regional level. Among these AAP is worth referred to being the Arvind Kejriwal party who has the only aim to govern with confrontation with the national government. Arvind Kejriwal stated that he used to participate immensely in the dramatics and debates during his IIT KGP days justifying his working attitude to remain in media without practically doing something for the voters. He can’t be ignorant about the national constitution, service rule conduct and status of the State Delhi. Though it has elected government to work under the constitutional system doesn’t allow him to disrespect, break land law by imposing his own decision and challenge the national government. It amounts to anarchist which he admitted in the past.
The society is finding a drastic change in the national government working as this is bringing the nation to the democratic development, financial, defence, social, religion and region protection which it eluded in the past. Nation is being trusted at the global level in the diplomatic, business and cultural spheres.
The opposition parties have pointed about the more west border ceasefire violations which have to be as the present government had given free hand to the armed forces to react and check terrorist infiltration including trans-border smuggling. Previously the armed forces were operating under the previous government restrictions. Now separatist leader Yasin Malik along his associates is properly booked on violence in Kashmir Valley which had a KPS officer severely injured and airlifted to AIIMS Delhi to save his life. The police officers of the State expressed their will to book each anti-national element which they couldn’t do in the past because of political interference. They also revealed that the politicians were asking for providing separate rooms and VIP treatment to separatist leaders if at all arrested with soft articles for their bigger crimes. This can be observed in the incidence of raising Pakistan flag with Pakistani national anthem celebrating her independence day by Asiya Andrabi, she was not booked under anti-national activity law.
The present Central Government is trying its best for the overall national development including upgrading national prestige at the global level which needs to be acknowledged, appreciated and supported by the national society discarding the dynastic political parties especially regional even those who have recognition as national party like AAP and NPP.
This State is at the verge of a new systematic development with the PDP-BJP alliance which is being opposed by family political parties and those who have not attained their personal urges. The separatists are also frustrated finding their shops closing for selling terrorism and hate. Geelani is being opposed; the calls of shutdown or rallies are ignored, people trying to live a peaceful developing life under new setup. This opposition is expected and is to happen as the persons who were enjoying luxuries for sixty eight years are losing their honey bread.
So-called nationalist and secular of Jammu region are spiting venom for this alliance making BJP the only their target seeking its pull out of this development governing understanding between two north-south pole parties. Why they are so impatient, why they can’t wait for the results, why they are trying to provide a chance to Kashmir Valley based leaders to hold entire governing command? Is it in the interest of Jammu region? Is it for the national betterment? Is it to fill the hate wedge of the two regions? Is it the national, secular and patriotic approach of this opposing lot? What they plan to get good for the State? Why they are not projecting their object and aim?
Are we not aware of the ignored projects of Jammu region getting restarted? How we can ignore the construction of bunkers along Pakistan LoC/ IB started? Can we overlook the work of identification of safe land for providing five Marla plots to the border people? This alliance has started implementing the new central schemes to bring State inhabitants to the national mainstream. The previous State Governments have avoided the implementation of those central schemes which were to benefit the downtrodden section of the society and also to mingle up the State society to work together.
The common people of the State regions must ignore such elements who are opposing this alliance, can observe and reject this combination if it fails in equally providing good to State regions, let them work for the period voter elected them. The State people need to disown those leaders who are habitual of creating hate and anti-national moments in and outside Assembly sessions.

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