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Margdarshan-a tryst with homeland

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Mahesh Kaul

Keeping in view the policy paralysis and comprehension deficit of the Indian state besides the myopic view of the mandarins in New Delhi regarding the Muslim communalism in Kashmir; Kashmiri Pandits were not discouraged but took upon themselves in exile in 1991 to go for course correction and save the Indian nation from this unholy march of Islamic Jihadi imperialism by developing the comprehensive blueprint to define their resurgence and remain steadfast in upholding the Sanskrit India in Kashmir.
In the intervening night of 27th-28th December in 1991; whole Kashmiri Pandit society en mass endorsed the historical Margdarshan Resolution that envisages a separate Homeland in Kashmir with the free flow of Indian nationhood. It addresses the core concerns of the community and took head on the forces who have indulged in the subversion of the Sanskrit Kashmir. It gives the civilisational affront to the Jihadi forces that have been waging war against the Indian nation in Kashmir and the Himalayas by exhorting the Sanskrit forces in the entire Indian nation to reverse the religious cleansing and genocide of the Kashmiri Pandits, which is actually the movement for establishing the original Sanskrit Kashmir and the Sanskrit India; of which, the Kashmiri Pandits are the seeds and anchors.
It takes into consideration the ‘grand Design of Muslim Precedence’ that stands at the root of communalism and civilisational subversion in Kashmir. It minces no words in defining the contours of return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits in their ancestral homeland-Kashmir. It develops an argument that blows into the smithereens the hidden agendas of the fifth column and the apologists of Islamic Jihad in India and asks to address the communal and political fault lines in Jammu and Kashmir in general and Kashmir in particular so that return and rehabilitation of the religiously cleansed Kashmiri Pandits is made a reality seeking a complete guarantee against any future refoulement.
Margdarshan Resolution is the Kashmiri Pandit community’s tryst with their destiny in terms of being masters of their fate by taking the reins of power in their own hands; by shaping their Sanskrit culture and aesthetics in their own homeland. That has been vandalised and taken over by the alien forces and elements who want to erase their identity as the Vedic people of the Sanatan Dhrama.
Margdarshan Resoultion addresses various issues and fault lines at various levels and is thus the cardinal principle of upholding the Indian nation in the Himalayas and in the frontline state of Jammu and Kashmir. Those who sideline it, will be doing it at their own peril. As the Islamic Jihad has joined hands with Chinese imperialism and besides evangelical intrusions are working in tandem and pincer movements are being engineered in the Himalayas to balkanise the Indian nation. And all these forces have a consensus and compact as they know to dismember India, a one blow at the epicenter of Sanskritism- Kashmir is enough to achieve it.
Margdarshan Resolution when analysed in broader realm defines the creation of separate homeland in the national and international context. It lays ample scope to develop the infrastructure and economic viability of the separate homeland in Kashmir. The realisation of homeland to reverse the genocide of the community lies in developing the infrastructure both economic and religious in exile to harness the talent of the highly skilled and professional youth of the community spread all over the globe by making them accountable for shaping the destiny of the community.
Human resource that is key to lay infrastructural development and as it lays the foundation for the on ground mechanism to transform the society into a well meaning cohesive block upholding its culture, heritage, religion and economic aspects in terms of standards of living in the emerging world order.
Margdarshan has inherent in its conception and every word the resurgence of the community and takes into its fold the national security imperative that has been given no credence by the successive political formations at the Centre. It addresses the issues pertaining the security of the Indian nation in the Himalayas and lays emphasis on a Bharat that cannot be outwitted in the Northern Frontier.
Margdarshan defines Homeland not only as the necessity to reverse the religious cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits but it demonstrates as to how the mandarins in New Delhi should make the national security doctrine viable meant to safeguard the Indian nation in Jammu and Kashmir. India’s conception and reality as a nation cannot exist till it realises the separate homeland for Kashmiri Pandits as the nucleus of the national orbit in the Himalayas as it is the Kashmiri Pandits who have Sanskritised the Himalayas and defined the aesthetic reality of Sanskit Bharat in Kashmir.
Homeland is not a mere slogan but the expression of the centuries old Kashmiri Pandit assertion to bid good bye to persecution and Islamic separatism that has rendered it hostage and cleansed Kashmir of its original inhabitants. It strikes at the root of discrimination and criminalisation inflicted on this totally literate and peaceful community besides choking their lifelines by taking over the reins of power in the State by managing to subvert the Indian democratic set up in the name of secularism and befooling the Indian state to term the Kashmiri Muslim communalism as secularism and calling it as Kashmiriyat.
Margdarshan resolution is a tryst with homeland that exhorts the Kashmiri Pandit community to give up sickness of slavery and defeatist mentality. It is the blueprint for the Swaraj of Kashmiri Pandit community free from Muslim communalism that has rendered it homeless in their own state and country.
The need is to internalise the reality that the Margdarshan resolution is a comprehensive blueprint that addresses the social, political, religious, cultural and economic aspects of the community seeking its empowerment through complete transfer of power to rule and govern themselves as per their requirements to emerge as the masters of their own destiny. It empowers the community to take the reins of power into their own hands and set up the system that is not subservient to any communal and theo fascist machination. It is the charter to reclaim what has been denied to this nationalist community in terms of fundamental rights and democratic set up even in so called secular India.
Margdarshan resolution is the blueprint for the new dawn of resurgence of the Kashmiri Pandit community to shape its own social, political, cultural and religious destiny in tune with the Vedic Sanskrit foundations of the Indian nation in Kashmir; with complete control on the Northern Frontier and the Sanskrit Himalayas.

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