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Yoga is an ancient Indian art which leads to a perfect way of life. It was originated in India from the pre Vedic Period. The word “Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit root Yuj which means – to unite or to join and as per Yogic Scriptures yoga is a practice of unification of individual consciousness with that of Universal Consciousness. It indicates that yoga is a perfect path of Harmony of mind,body and mood with that of Nature. The then existing practices of Yogataken from the Hindu Scriptureswas simplifiedpractised and codified by the great saga Maharishi Patanjali- the father of Modern Yoga. He wrote yoga sutras to tell different theories and practices connected yoga in ancient yogic science.TirumalaiKrishnamacharya is also considered as the father of modern yogain different parts of the country.Yoga is a form of exercise which balances the essential elements of our body to keep control on our psychosomatic. Its meditation leads us to a happy, healthy andrelaxed/peaceful life.
Lord Shiva (Adiyogi / the first Yogi) is regarded as the Patron God of Yoga.Seven common types of yoga are the starting points for exploring this ancient practice of yoga. Prominent and most advanced among them is Sirsasana (The King of yoga Poses) where head is the prime part to be stabilised. Among other important asanas is the tree pose asanas too as it improves our physical balance and muscular strength. In fact, Yoga has three basic elements to be dealt sternly for ultimate goal. These three basic elements are: Asanas, Pranayama and Concentration.
On September27, 2014, Prime minister Shri Narinder Bhai Damodar Das Modi in his UN address shares a special significance of yoga (invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition)with many parts of the world and suggested its annual day celebration worldwide on June 21 being the longest day of northern hemisphere.
On Dec 11, 2014, United Nation General Assembly declared June 21st as the International Yoga Day. Since then, it is celebrated internationally to improve physical and mental health so that one may become bodily more fit or flexible and mentally strong and relaxed. It reduces stress, anxiety, depression and improves sleep, strength and immunity. This invaluable gift of our ancesstors must me promoted for fit India, Happy India and Healthy India. So, be a part of this compaign initiated by our loved Prime Minister Shri Narinder Modi Jee and strengthen our contry by strengthening individual, society and nation through the practice of Yoga – The Perfect path of Life.
Dr Jaipal Singh (Principal GDC Doongi-Rajouri)

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