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Yoga for holistic development


Omkar Dattatray

The whole world is celebrating International Yoga Day today. This big feat has become possible due to the sincere and steadfast efforts of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he deserves all praise and appreciation for this big achievement of making it possible to celebrate June 21 every year as the International Day of Yoga. The science of Yoga is in fact contribution of India to the world and this is recognized as well by international community. The Yoga is the happy blend of the past cultural legacy of with modernity and the science of Yoga is going to revolutionize the human life and so rightly this year’s theme of Yoga celebration is set as Yoga for humanity. It is so good that much and due importance is these days given to the practice of Yoga and people young, old, men and women. Practice Yoga for a healthy and stress free living. Modern life is materialistic in nature and there is mad rush for name, fame and material things and so there is great requirement for practicing Yoga for a holistic development and thus to achieve blend of inner life with the outer world. Thus, we should practice Yoga for a balanced development of the human personality. The Yoga is of utmost importance for the physical, mental and social wellbeing and therefore we should resolve to practice Yoga for a fuller life which is far from sickness and mental tension, depression and frustration. We should make it a habit to make Yoga a part and parcel of our daily life. There is great need to make the practice of Yoga as part of our routine life and Yoga should be considered as necessary as our daily diet and therefore, we should practice Yoga daily to keep ourselves fit and well physically, mentally and socially. The practice of Yoga helps us to keep ourselves free from the diseases and various Pranayamas and physical exercises keep our blood pressure, stress under control and strengthens our respiratory system which ensures longevity of our life and therefore it is in the interest of our good life and well being that we should practice Yoga as a routine. Yoga in fact keeps us healthy as it cures many incurable diseases and therefore in the modern days Yoga is practiced by the people. The science of Yoga should not be attached with a particular religion but it is universal and cosmopolitan in nature and in a way, we can say that Yoga is the extension of the doctrine of the Vasudev Kutumbkam which means that whole world is one family. Yoga in fact gives boost to the concept of one world family and unites the humanity. Modern life is full of stress, frustration and depression and it has become a grave and great cause of concern to the mankind and the practice of Yoga relives us from the depression and frustration and helps people to lead a contented life. The practice of Yoga removes all negative thoughts, negativity and brings positivity which is so essential for leading a healthy and stress-free life. Through the practice of Yoga, we can save ourselves from various life style and other diseases and so the people should practice Yoga for a purposeful, well-meaning and contented life. Therefore, we should practice Yoga for a fuller and balanced personality so that we will not remain as a burden on the society but should become masters of a healthy life. Yogic exercises help in the circulation and purification of the blood and keeps us free from various respiratory ailments and therefore the people should practice Yoga for a healthy and useful life. Modern man has invaded by stress and strain and he needs freedom from the stressful life and the practice of Yoga can only free him from the day-to-day stress which has made the life of man a hell and therefore the people should practice Yoga for a holistic and balanced life so that they can live a happy and contented life. So, it is very important to practice Yoga for a balanced and well-meaning and contented life. Importance of Yoga cannot be exaggerated and its importance is being recognised and felt all over the world and rightly the people are attaching much importance to Yoga so that they can lead a happy and stress free and disease-free life. The people all over the world are practicing Yoga for healthy and stress-free life. Yoga is the diet for the soul just as food is the diet for keeping us living. It is so good that today Muslims have also realised the importance of Yoga and they are also practicing Yoga to keep themselves fit and strong physically and mentally. It is very encouraging that in Kashmir some Muslim youths are imparting Yoga to people free and they have been complimented by the LG Manoj Sinha. Thus, it seems that the initial inhibition to Yoga by the Muslims has faded away as today the Muslims are also practicing Yoga for a fit and healthy life. There is great and urgent need to make the subject of Yoga as a part of school curriculum so that the educational institutions will become tools of imparting health education so that the students coming out of schools become healthy personalities. Some schools have made a beginning in imparting Yoga education to the students and it is encouraging and they should be given a pat for including Yoga in the school curriculum. All educational institutions should make the study of Yoga a part of the curriculum and they should impart Yoga education to the students so that they can produce physically, mentally and morally strong and fit personalities who will later contribute to the overall development of the nation. It should be made mandatory to pass the subject of Yoga for all students so that we are able to make physically strong and morally fit personalities. So it is very necessary to impart Yoga education to students in schools, colleges and universities for a healthy and stressless development and grooming of the young personalities. The government of the country should enact legislation to the effect to make the teaching of Yoga a compulsory in all educational institutions so that these institutions are in a position to groom well balanced human personalities. What is needed is that we should practice Yoga so that we are able to lead a disease free and tension free as well as healthy life. The practice of daily Yoga keeps us healthy, wealthy and fit and relieves us from the depression and frustration of the modern life and therefore all of us should practice Yoga for a fruitful, healthy, fit and purposeful life. Thus, we should practice Yoga daily and as a routine so that we are able to lead a healthy, fit, purposeful and happy life free from all negativities and this is the need of the hour. The Yoga not only gives us healthy life free from diseases and depressions but it also helps to develop balanced and holistic personalities. Therefore we should make it our habit to practice Yoga daily so that we are able to lead a healthy life free from depression and tension. The practice of Yoga not only keeps us physically, mentally and morally strong but it also helps us in inculcating discipline and decorum in life which is a big ornament of our life. In fact, Yoga makes us physically, mentally, emotionally, morally and spiritually strong and thus helps in the development of the balanced personalities which are needed to lead the country to new heights. Thus, all of us should give much importance to the practice of Yoga and make it a part and parcel of our daily life. The practice of Yoga makes us feel fresh and energetic and relieves us from depression and tension of the modern life. It is not only the common men who practice Yoga but allopathic doctors practice Yoga and prescribes Yoga to the patients and it shows the importance of Yoga. Thus, not only Ayurvedic doctors prescribe and advise Yoga to the patients but the allopathic doctors also prescribe and advise Yoga to patients for early healing and cure. In short on the International Day of Yoga we should take a pledge to practice Yoga for a balanced, holistic, healthy, contented and happy life and make Yoga a part of our life.
(The author is a Columnist and
Social Activist).

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