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Will Congress—explain the purpose of Sectt. Gherao

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Dear Editor,
Congress Party Ghehraoed Civil Sectt. on 9th of May 2016, the first day of its opening after Darbar move. There was no specific agenda to put forth before the Govt. you did not raise any issue pertaining to the poor people. State Congress President G.A Mir opposed the Srinagar Sainik Colony proposal which was also supported by the Jammu based Vice-President. Both should have given a logical opposition but they only opposed. What they wanted to say? Whether they were pleading the case “Jammu Sanink Colony dwellers are Non-State Subjects”. So, nothing concrete was in the Assembly Ghehrao and Srinagar Sainik Colony proposed opposition.
Congress and NC ruled the State for maximum time in J&K State, some times they ruled independently and sometime as coalition partners. Congress ruled the State after independence till 1975 when late Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah took the reigns of J and K State in his hands and ruled about 40 years in the State. Both Congress and NC failed to address the problems of the poor people in the State in general and OBCs in particular.
In J and K State neither the State Constitution nor the country’s constitution is implemented. When Apex Court’s Judgment of 1992 on Mandal Report is applicable throughout the country and in all the States except the J and K State. This shows Constitution of India is missing in J and K State. We can now think of JK Constitution under Art. 370. Some say Art. 370 should be scrapped, some demand for its existence but the reality is that Art. 370 has been used as a instrument to snatch the constitutional rights of the State people in general and OBCs in particular by the State rulers. Under RTI Act when information was sought about the powers of the State Governor regarding the nomination of MLCs with three OBC MLCs and five others with Social Service experience highly qualified with philosophical knowledge but till date Art. 50 sub-section 6 of JK Constitution has not been implemented. This shows that JK Constitution is also not applicable in JK State itself. So State and Desh Constitutions both are not applicable, then what type of the Governance Congress and NC gave is a big question for both. On the name of “Secularism”, Constitutional rights of the State OBCs have been looted and that is why even after the lapse of 24 years of Apex Court’s judgment of 1992 on Mandal Report State OBCs have been deprived from the due share. High voltage of Secularism Slogan was used to snub the Social Justice and the leaders of the Congress have yet to clarify the meaning of Secularism. Is it a treacherous method to loot the poor people?
What else is their in the store of Congress for the State people to serve. You can not oppose the Govt. without any solid objections. Halla qulla like the street playing children will never solve the purpose of these Pol. parties. Unless they change their policies which are not pro-public. You can go to the people from home to home but you must have something to say. Why the people support Congress if they do not believe in the State as well as in Indian Constitution.
Simply vote begging in the name of old Congress Party are the gone days policy. State people cannot accept the Congress and like minded parties in future. You cannot take the help of the old slogans like “We are committed to give good governance, committed for the upliftment of the poor, committee for the development of backward area and the newly formed slogan”. Leaders / ministers / MLAs / MPs have listened to the problems of the people, but what solutions they have for such problems are never discussed and solved.
Prof. Kali Dass
Gen. Secretary (AIBCU).

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