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Transfer, suspension or attachment no punishment for erring officials


Dear Editor,
Though there are sufficient laws in the country, to punish the irresponsible, corrupt, careless and the truant government officers, but due to the partisan and biased attitude of interested officers in the higher hierarchy and the powerful politicians, even the grievous and un pardonable mistakes of the erring officials are either overlooked or never implemented and enforced stringently. The carelessness of the law enforcing officers and those of their task masters are becoming headlines of the print and the electronic media these days. It is seen how the corrupt, careless and the officials involved in scams, tax evasions, money laundering, amassing huge assets both movable and immovable, siphoning out the money from the national exchequers escape scot free by greasing the palms of the persons sitting in the parlors of power. These days lynching, targeted killing, day light cold blood murders, live burning slitting the throats arson and violence have become the order of the day. Many political murders sacrilegious crimes seditious actions of the miscreants are not given that attention which is demanded of the situation. Not registering FIRs by the police, not providing securities to those who are on the radar of the criminals is also considered among the heinous crimes against the humanity. Many die due the breakout of the fire in the in the public places, hospitals, and the local localities where lot of both human and live stock are charred alive. But it is a tragedy that neither the higher officers nor the political parties in power ever dare to take the cognizance of such crimes taking place due to the dereliction of the duties on the part of those responsible for that. Instead of taking them to task, save their own skin and wiping tears of the victims, the erring officers are either transferred, suspended or attached in the higher offices under their patronage and safe custody. These are in no way considered as the punishment for these careless and corrupt officers. According to the quantum of their mistakes they must be either dismissed from their services or put behind the bars and looted money is confiscated. Unless the punitive measures are adapted no authority what so ever can put reins in the thick skinned officers.
Shiv Kumar Padha,

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