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Training workshop on ‘Addressing Child Centric Vulnerability, Enhancing Capacity & Promoting Resilience’ gets underway


Resource persons suggest ways for parents, caregivers to help children cope with disasters


JAMMU: The second day of the five-day workshop for teachers of Jammu Division on ‘Addressing Child Centric Vulnerability, enhancing capacity and promoting Resilience amid disasters’, on Tuesday started at Teacher Bhawan Gandhi Nagar Jammu with a feedback session with the participants about the sessions of the first day of the programme.
Five-day workshop is being organized jointly by State Council of Educational Research and Training Jammu, in collaboration with National Institute of Disaster Management CCDRR centre.
On the second day, the first session was delivered by Ranjan Kumar on the topic ‘Understanding vulnerabilities of children in disaster and emergencies’.
The resource person also shared the statistics of the disasters that had happened in the past.
The second session was taken by Dr. Abhishek Chowhan on the topic ‘Mental health in disasters and emergencies’. He discussed in detail the impacts of disasters upon the mental health of the children and various types of disorders that emerge among the children due to disasters. He also suggested ways for parents and caregivers which can help the children cope with disasters. The information provided was extremely relevant to the title of the programme and it was an interactive and interesting session.
Joint Director, H.R Pakhroo also briefed various case studies regarding human obsessions during the session.
The third session was based on the topic ‘Impact of disasters and emergencies on children: Case studies’, delivered by Dr. Kumar Raka. He shared the statistical data of the number of children affected due to various types of disasters in the past.
Case studies in this regard were shared with the participants, and models of disaster risk reduction were also explained by Dr. Kumar Raka.
The fourth session ‘Reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing capacities of children: Group exercise’ by Dr. Kumar Raka included ice-breaking exercises for the participants in order to enhance their active participation.
Groups of the participants were formed for the third day exercises, to be taken by the participants during the field visit.

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