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Selective killings in J&K-when will these stop?



The month of May 2022 witnessed the spate of targeted killings of Kashmiri Hindus/ Nationalists/ Security personnel in the valley who were either on official duty to serve the people or on leave a local police officer working on his fields or a vendor doing business at shop for livelihood.
Kashmir has been subjected to such invasions from time to time by Pathans etc. and its past is full of atrocities inflicted upon Kashmiri Hindus which were mostly converted, slaughtered etc later Mughal emperors like Aurangzeb, Sikandar Bhudshikan and others also inflicted all sorts of brutality on them. These are well-documented facts.
After partition, India as a free country adopted secular status for the country and Pakistan formed an Islamic State. In a secular Country India as our constitution envisages and respects all religions equally and being a democracy every citizen is free to express his views and even criticize the Govt. We believe in non-violence as our Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi followed and that sermon is deep in our genes.
Admitted fact is that Pakistan has been fighting the war with India in order to annex this part of Kashmir in the name of Islam by hook or crook, which is the root cause of dispute. Resultantly, we suffer atrocities inflicted and tolerated the very intolerant behaviour of masses of valley who in 1990 in collaboration with Pakistan were responsible for exodus of Kashmiri Hindus which if we historically evaluate were nothing less like a hunt Hangul ( Deer) and always suffered at hands of intruders from Northwest Provinces and inimical elements..
There is a limit to everything. History has to change in the Indian sub-continent in view of the changed geopolitical scenario and India has to adjust to the changed geopolitical situation for security, the safety of citizens and its sovereignty. The citizens of the nation should adopt a resolution to take any step for the betterment, and the safety of the country and follow the policy of eliminating anti-national elements that act as sleeping cells for the disintegration of the nation and save it from external aggression.
Right from the neutralisation of Article 370, J&K as Union territory and Govt’s resolve to make J&K safe from the terrorism of Pakistan all Indians feel J&K has got perfect security. Yet, the long-drawn terrorism is a policy of Pakistan to bleed India on all fronts including economic setbacks. Adding to its migration and settlement of Indians in the valley including Kashmiri Hindus for their jobs, sustenance has become an easy target of militants. The decision to make J&K a prosperous state like other states has become an eyesore for Pakistan and other separatist elements.
Kashmiriat and brotherhood have lost sight of which was well clear on the exodus of KPs out of Valley and atrocities inflicted on them. The centre is trying its best to solve this multi-pronged problem of state with great efforts by spending a lot of money, sacrificing lives of armed personnel and by losing many citizens mostly Hindus/ nationalists in this unprecedented situation. Yet, Kashmiri separatists and the neighbouring country Pakistan – China, Afghanistan ( after taking over by Taliban) with an almost same affinity of Muslim Fundamentalism has become a threat for J&K development and highly strategic problem for India in the present geo-political scenario. The measured steps are taken to unify J&K with the rest of the country giving all opportunities to develop but in these conflicts sacrifice of some nationalists ( especially Hindus) and a few locals cannot be ruled out.
Normalcy should not be taken for real peace. The murderous conflict can shortly break out again anytime, involve India in an ill-fated intervention and come to a blood-soaked end more than a decade later, as the sense of cohesion appears deceptive as yet.
The main problem in this part of the country is that Pakistan has long back changed its strategy to avenge its loss of East Pakistan which is now Bangladesh. Pakistan is definitely playing a proxy war to bleed India economically and brew up sleeping cells making them.
Then, the opportunists leaders are part of a group who tooth & nail oppose UT status of the valley where they apprehend that the Muslim population will be dominated by the Hindu population. More so, in the new structure, the local leaders feel they will be losing the time of making property & indulging in corruption. Pakistan with ISI has encouraged terrorism in the valley in a secretive way with local sleeping cells. The money called Hawala Money (transactions) has played a great role in encouraging terrorism in the valley as locals get money for every kill they manage by using guns grenades etc. This unrest had its peak in 1990 when Pakistan from Balakot sent a lot of terrorists to the valley for making KPs migrate out to safer places in India etc. This process is going on and another group of KPs and Hindus left the valley recently to save their lives and left their jobs because no perfect, foolproof security could be given under the unstable position that is prevailing in the valley due to Pakistan’s proxy war.
Further, no relaxation of security measures would be advisable. India needs a new mechanism for defence preparation for enhancing both efficiency and reputation. Our defence & security response should be quick, efficient and decisive.
We need to review our policy of dealing with the problem of seventy years old that is how stressed we are to set our house in order & International policy is quite strong to defend our country from internal or external threats. Leh episode ( while transporting Jawans to Leh reportedly sabotaged ) was a recent happening which shouldn’t have occurred. Our defence forces should be vigilant about all troublemakers and deal with them sternly.
You might not have the courage to prevent Kashmir File-1 from happening but you certainly will have to muster the courage to prevent its sequel from taking place otherwise you all are complicit.
How much more time does our country needs to win this battle once and for all ? If China could tackle UYGHURS within a definite time period, or Srilanka could tackle the world’s deadliest terrorism, why our big country lag behind to end this war by a definite time. We have experienced enough destruction, devastation and deaths and are still paying price for holding this part with our great nation. HERE, the reference of UYGHURS or LTTE is quoted as instances, not with the intent to follow the same strategy, yet not to fight an endless war we need to understand !
Security challenges to India were never easy. Now they are even more complex. Need strong, capable and completely ‘self-reliant defence industry in the country to cater to the needs of the defence forces. If this battle is to be won, the Govt must also be flexible enough to change track, where necessary. The security of a country is of paramount importance to peace, progress and protection of citizens. it demands eternal vigilance, a spirit of sacrifice, and firm commitment by one and all to preserve and sustain the country’s growth and development. A New CDS Is Urgently Needed, to make India future combat-ready.
Meanwhile, let us look around and always set our country on progress, keep our country free from internal or external threats and maintain its security, and sovereignty at any cost, whatsoever. Much has been done by the present Govt, but more needs to be done through hard work, broad vision and systematic planning, like, relocating Kashmiri Hindus, reaching out to the young, empowering local police, and co-opt local leaders. A determined action to overcome this problem combined with restructuring the intelligence apparatus is to be implemented and that is the only solution. Keeping fingers crossed till then!
Let all Indians unite to help the central Govt in their effort to make the J&K Union Territory Of India a peaceful state. Preparedness ensures success. Unpreparedness spells failure.

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