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Role of our national builders

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It is unfortunate that many teachers do not take their profession seriously. They consider it only as a means of their bread and butter. They do not bother to acquire upto date knowledge, latest teaching skills, modern techniques and adopt innovative teaching methods to make students learn in a better way.
As a psychologist, a teacher must have the techniques to motivate the students psychologically. You can take horse to the water but you cannot force him to drink. Similarly it largely depends upon the skills of teachers how to motivate the students for learning.
A tactful teacher with simple smile can motivate the whole class for introduction to any new concept and make then understand in a better way.
A skillful teacher develops among students skill to enquire to know. Our teachers must understand the new challenges and accept their legitimate responsibilities towards students, parents, society, community and nation. Teachers who are the nation builders should understand this and should provide quality education to the students.

J.S Awal

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