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Repair lanes of Channi Himmat

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Dear Editor,
Condition of roads in Channi Himmat has deteriorated to such a state that it has become difficult to ply vehicles as most of lanes are in deplorable condition.
The lanes and by-lanes in our area have not been repaired after digging for laying of sewage pipes. The entire road stretches have become bumpy and there are numerous uneven patches in the middle of the roads and lanes making it difficult for residents to move out. The roads and lanes in our area were dug up around five -six months ago but have not been repaired making them prone to accidents.
Digging was done here quite long but now it seems the concerned executing agencies have forgotten to complete the work and have left the lanes in pathetic condition causing apprehensions of serious accidents mainly to two wheeler drivers and elderly people. Almost every lane in the area has deep pits and pot-holes which are posing grave threat for the residents. The condition of streets is so poor that it is hard for residents to move out. The situation further deteriorates during evening hours, making it almost impossible for children, ladies and old-aged people to come out of houses. We cannot describe in words the complexity we are facing due to the apathetic approach of the concerned agencies, who despite repeated reminders did not pay any attention towards the difficulties faced by the people.
It is sad to say that no one bothers to take stock of problems faced by the residents of the area.
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to give a reminder to the concerned agencies to pay attention towards the problems being faced by the residents.
Arjun Thakur,
Channi Himmat.

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